Managing and/or owning a successful printing business takes a great deal of knowledge, stamina and experience, not to mention the ability to work exceedingly well under pressure and the possession of strong communication and critical thinking skills.

Having said that, even for the most proactive and proficient printing company managers, the printing industry is a demanding and challenging one, and as a result, it is impossible to guarantee the longevity and success of the business without hiring the right people.

Here, for your information, is a comprehensive guide to recruiting new staff for your printing business.

Clearly Define Job Parameters

Often, especially in the case of smaller or family-run businesses, upon the realisation that the time has come to hire one or more new positions in newly created job roles within the printing business, it can be all too easy to hire a generally contracted person with no clear parameters as to what exactly the specific job entails.

It is incredibly important, right from when you are first writing and developing the job roles and description, to be as descriptive and concise as possible, for the benefit of both the business and the potential candidates.

Be Sure To Check References 

Too many business managers, HR representatives and heads of departments ask for both personal and professional references, but then fail to actually act upon them in the event of finding the potential successful candidate for the job. 

Upon shortlisting your potential new employees, always carry out effective and timely background checks, including ringing or e-mailing one or more of the professional referees listed, as well as one or more of the personal ones.

You want your new employee to embrace your business ethos, mission and overall working business model and to be both dedicated to and passionate about the work, as well as possessing real-life and recent experience working in the world of printing.  

Talent Is Far More Important Than Skill

The printing industry is one of great challenges and complexities, but can be as equally rewarding when the right kind of person joins the team. 

This is why one of the other fundamental things to remember when embarking on the recruitment process within a printing business is to value talent over proven experience and skill every single time.

Essentially, this is because a potential candidate who shows genuine passion, dedication and talent can be trained and moulded to suit the individual way of working your specific printing business subscribes to. 

Utilise Candidate Scorecards

During each and every screening and interview of potential new personalities to join your printing firm, it is important to follow the general rules and advice from printing recruitment experts and to operate a standard system of assessment of each and every candidate in every interview.

One of the most effective and relatively simple ways of ensuring this happens in each interview is to implement the use of scorecards and to mark each interviewee against scorecard, either during the interview itself or else immediately afterwards.