Apple Watch 6 vs SE? How do they compare? 

The Watch 6 model provides various fantastic updates on Apple Watch 5 – as such; it brings the blood oxygen tracking sensor, U1 UWB chip, as well as the 64-bit dual-core S6 SiP (System-in-Package) to the table. 

That is not all; the brand released an altogether new Apple Watch product unit known as Watch SE. It comes with a significant number of the brand’s smartwatch attributes; they have enabled the gadget to become so well known throughout the long term while being at a substantially more affordable price. 

Because both have a lot of crucial highlights in common – for example, the optical heart sensor, water-resistant ability, & construction, it is likely not promptly clear which one should be your best fit. Is it of any use buying the less expensive unit whose attributes are as many? Right below, we are helping you to determine which model to rely on.

Apple Watch 6 vs SE: A detailed comparison

Apple Watch 6 vs SE
Apple Watch 6 vs SE. Image credit from Unsplash.

1. Screen

The SE‌ and Watch 6’s screen belongs to the Retina LTPO OLED type with the 1,000-nit brightness. Notwithstanding, what makes them different is, the Apple Watch 6 features an always-on screen while the SE model does not. In other words, even if you lift down the wrist, the display will stay on, allowing you to generally see the smartwatch face without needing to lift the wrist in the right way. 

What is more? If you are outside and lower your wrist, the Series 6‌ product unit’s consistently-on screen is over multiple times brighter when compared to the Series 5 model, which should make viewing the device’s face in bright daylight is a lot simpler. At the point when your wrist is down, you likewise have the option to get to Notification Center & Control Center, tap a complication, & adjust the watch face without waking your gadget’s display. 

Meanwhile, the ‌SE‌ smartwatch does not feature a consistently-on screen. In other words, to view your watch face, you need to tap the screen or raise your wrist. 

Aside from that attribute, the HI-RES Retina screen itself is something very similar between the Watch SE and Watch Series 6. 

The bottom line: Except if you especially need to view your smartwatch face consistently without having to raise the wrist, you may want to rely on the SE‌’s screen. It should be above and beyond your requirements. 

2. S5 SiP vs S6 SiP

The 64‑bit dual-core chips are the processors in the ‌SE‌ and Watch 6 models. The more current S6 processors depend on the iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic and boast a whopping twenty percent quicker in comparison with the earlier S5 processors. 

According to the brand, that enables applications to launch twenty percent more quickly. Simultaneously, it keeps up the equivalent “the entire day” eighteen-hour battery life. 

On the other hand, being the same as the Watch 5‘s S5 dual-core processor, the ‌Watch SE‌ product unit’s processor – as indicated by the brand, still provides amazingly quick performance. The S5 SiP is multiple times quicker when compared to the Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sport Band
Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sport Band
GPS; Always-On Retina display; 30% larger screen; Swimproof; ECG app; Electrical and optical heart sensors
Apple Watch Series 3 [GPS 38mm] Smart watch w/Space Gray Aluminum Case & Black Sport Band. Fitness &...
Apple Watch Series 3 [GPS 38mm] Smart watch w/Space Gray Aluminum Case & Black Sport Band. Fitness &...
GPS; Retina display; Swimproof; Optical heart sensor; Stores music, podcasts, and audiobooks

As you may know, when the S5 processor came in the Watch 5, it was indeed a proficient one, and the S6 SiP just provides an increasingly refined chip. 

The bottom line: The S6 chip’s small performance enhancements do not appear to be sufficient to legitimize buying the ‌Watch 6‌ instead of the ‌SE‌ except if you feel the particular need for the quickest conceivable application launch speeds. By far, for most of the customers, the SE‌ product unit’s processor will be appropriately quick & productive. 

3. U1 UWB Chip

The U1 UWB chip is just accessible in the Watch 6. As per the brand, the chip on their smartwatch expectedly allows for locating the short-range wireless networks and accordingly helping new experiences, for example, cutting-edge digital vehicle keys. Yet, it is at this point hazy regarding what else the U1 likely brings to the table.

It is worth addressing that the distance between two gadgets with UWB support can get estimated correctly by figuring the time a radio wave takes to flow between both devices, with substantially more accuracy when compared to Wifi & Bluetooth Low Energy.

On the one hand, the brand has progressively been including the U1 on its new products. On the other hand, it presently cannot seem to unlock considerable new attributes. The brand has, to date, just utilized the innovation for controlling iOS 13’s directional AirDrop attribute; however, Apple has promised more great use cases later on. In other words, this chip’s usefulness on ‌the Watch 6‌ likely could be more potential.

The bottom line: Generally speaking, the U1 chip at present has such not many use cases, so it does not merit purchasing the ‌Watch 6‌ smartwatch basically as a result of it. With that being said, in case you intend to keep your smart timepiece for a long time, the specific chip will probably be more practical in the future because of the great possibility that it will show greater usefulness.

4. Wellness tracking

You may appreciate that the Watch 6 model provides a spic and span wellness tracking attributes never incorporated on this brand’s smartwatch – blood oxygen monitoring. The attribute works to estimate your blood’s oxygen saturation, enabling you to comprehend your general wellness & health more readily. 

SpO2, otherwise called oxygen saturation, addresses the oxygen level that the cellular component of blood is transporting to the remainder of your body from your lungs. It also shows the performance level of that oxygenated blood being transported all through the body. 

The ‌Watch 6‌’s blood oxygen sensor has a variety of red, green, & infrared LED clusters. They are capable of measuring light thrown back from blood and deciding blood SpO2 somewhere in the range of seventy & one-hundred percent by utilizing a high-level custom algorithm.

It is possible to take measurements at any time you need or want them, thanks to the Blood Oxygen application. Better yet, you can get occasional background measurements – say, while you are sleeping. All information is accessible in the Health application, and you have the choice to track trends after some time to notice in what way the oxygen level in your blood changes.

In addition, the ‌Watch 6‌ model comes with the electrical heart sensor from predecessors, which is useful for taking ECGs. This product unit boasts electrodes integrated into the Digital Crown as well as the rear-positioned electrical heart sensor. 

Owing to the ECG application, you can get the heart rhythm classification following half a minute you have touched the Digital Crown. It works to characterize if there are indications of AFib (or Atrial Fibrillation) defined as a heart condition possibly causing severe health problems or whether your heart is pulsating in the regular pattern. Every one of the recordings, their related classifications, and symptoms (if any) noted, are put away in that Health application in the PDF form shareable with doctors. 

Apple Watch 6 vs SE? When it comes to the Watch SE‌ product unit, it lacks the electrical heart sensor or blood oxygen sensor to track such wellness measurements. But be that as it may, this model manages to record your wellness information.

It comes with a 2nd-generation optical heart sensor that can keep tabs on heart rate & provide notifications related to low & high heart rate and abnormal heart rhythm. Apple’s ‘budget’ smartwatch is likewise of help thanks to noise tracking, Fall Detection, & emergency SOS, actually similar to the ‌Watch 6‌ model. 

The bottom line: It is worth noting that the Watch 6’s extra wellness tracking attributes are the more costly product unit’s key attraction. In case blood oxygen tracking & electric heart sensing are significant to you, the ‌Apple Watch 6‌ should be your best bet.

What if such cutting-edge wellness highlights are, to a lesser extent, a need for you? Then, thinking about counting on the Watch SE‌. As mentioned above, it still features a few helpful wellness observing functionalities.

5. Battery

The two product units have the “throughout the day” battery life of about eighteen hours. 

Nonetheless, the Watch 6 model provides quicker charging, finishing its full charge in less than ninety minutes. It, best yet, boasts enhanced battery life for monitoring some exercises, for example, indoor & outdoor runs. What is additionally fantastic is, the smartwatch’s always-on screen supposedly does not affect how long it lasts.

The bottom line: As both watches’ battery life is practically something similar, it is presumably not worth pressing for the Apple Watch 6 just based on marginally enhanced battery life & quicker charging during specific exercises. Its battery & charging improvements rather stay a significant sign of how the gadget delivers a scope of little yet significant enhancements over the ‌Apple Watch SE‌ model.

6. Construction

The ‌Watch SE & Watch 6‌’s actual construction is identical, yet their color choices & materials vary.

Where the Watch Series 6‌ is accessible in Ti, stainless steel, or Al, the ‌SE‌ product unit is just accessible in Al. For your information, Apple smartwatches with Ti or stainless steel additionally utilize a sapphire crystal display; meanwhile, the Al products leverage Ion-X fortified glass. 

When it comes to color options, the ‌Watch 6‌ in Al is accessible in four choices (red, blue, gold, space grey, & silver). In stainless steel, it is accessible in three selections (gold, graphite, & silver), and the model in Ti is accessible in space black or titanium. In comparison, the Watch SE‌ product is just accessible in gold, space grey, & silver.

The bottom line: In case you lean toward Ti, stainless steel, or the space black, titanium, or graphite finish, you will not be able to get enough of the Watch 6‌. It is the only unit to provide the selections for these colors & materials. Still, assuming you are happy with a lightweight Al casing cum fundamental finish colors off gold, space gray, or silver, the ‌SE‌ model should be adequate. 

The more budget Apple Watch alternative

The brand likewise has the Watch 3 in their smartwatch lineup, and its price is more affordable than the Apple Watch SE and Watch Series 6. This older product unit delivers considerably fewer attributes, and its display is less sizable. It is as yet a useful gadget, with the fifty-meter water resistance level, eigh-gigabyte capacity, aside from the optical heart sensor, Emergency SOS, and the altimeter. Functionally, in comparison with the SE smartwatch, the Watch Series 3 is more pared-back, and its thickness is higher with bigger bezels. 

Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band
  • GPS model lets you take calls and reply to texts from your wrist
  • Large Retina OLED display
  • Up to 2x faster processor than Series 3
  • Track your daily activity on Apple Watch and see your trends in the Fitness app on iPhone
  • Measure workouts like running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming, and dance

The bottom line: This model is indeed suitable for people looking for an Apple smart timepiece at the most reduced conceivable cost. Please keep in mind that it will surely be the least unlikely-to-become-obsolete product unit. In case you can bear the cost of the SE or Watch 6‌, these more up-to-date choices should be your best bet. 

All in all

Apple Watch 6 vs SE: Which to buy? It is indeed up to you.

The ‌Watch 6‌ is a lot of an enhancement when compared to the earlier Watch 5 unit, providing new highlights and attributes, for example, consistently-on altimeter, blood oxygen tracking, the S6 SiP, & the U1 chip. Thanks to various colors & finishes, cutting-edge wellness tracking attributes, & an always-on screen, this smartwatch will be most appropriate for people searching for the most perks brought to the table by wristwear. In case you are especially keen on wellness monitoring or basically prefer a specific color & casing, go for the ‌Series 6‌ model.

On the other hand, for those being on a tight spending plan and not especially drawn into the Watch 6’s extra attributes, you may want to consider the SE‌ watch. It will be the best option for a lot of Apple Watch purchasers, especially people new to the gadget. 

At the end of the day, the ‌SE‌ unit will probably be the most favorite choice out of these two; hence, it tends to be the default selection for many potential users. Also, because it has such plentiful attributes in common with the ‌Watch 6‌, you may desire to pick the more costly one just in case extra attributes, such as the cutting-edge wellness tracking & consistently-on screen, are your priorities. Of course, it is when you can afford the product price as well.