Smart home appliances make functions quicker and more energy-efficient. But are they making us lazy? Check out this post right now to discover the best answer!

This is the era that everyone is inclining towards modern electronics. Cell phones have become smart, PCs have been more intelligent, and you find continuous new inventions and enhancements of electronic gadgets. 

Subsequently, it is impossible that there would not be any improvisation when it comes to your home. Homes in which you live in, have been smart as well. Numerous people have a more in-depth idea of smart homes, and many have just changed their homes into these ones.

On the one hand, from TV, lights to blinds, smart home technology allows you to control them without the manual exhaustion of leaving your beloved sofa. 

smart home all devices connected with a mobile phone

On the other hand, are these appliances making you lazy? The shortest and most proper answer should be “No.” Wonder why? – Delve into this post for all of your related questions answered!

Smart Homes: At A Glance

Before you move to the main point, let’s see what the smart home appliances are all about. Understanding better about home automation will be the initial move towards choosing whether you need to transform the system of your house at all or not. 

Simply put, smart homes refer to homes with the security systems and electronic gadgets that the owner can effortlessly control with the click of a button, either by making use of a cell phone or any other device. From heating to ventilation, from cooling to security, anything will be in your control, at a button’s distance. All you need to do is click a button, and you can have the full power of which will be working and which will stop working in a matter of seconds. 

home automation infographic
An infographic about smart homes.

Here and there, the smart homes have to do with home appliances such as the fridges, the cooking stoves, and the dryers and washing machines. How much control you need to take on these relies upon you and your spending limit. For sure, you can control your home’s security through a simple click.

Precisely What Can Count As Smart Home Tech?

By smart home gadgets, we mean devices that make your living place “smart.” Appliances such as your Apple Watch or iPad do not count since they are simply as smart when you tag them along outside your home. 

Be that as it may, Amazon gadgets, say – the Google Home range and Echo Dot – Smart speaker with Alexa, would surely fill the bill. These can control other smart devices you install in your space, such as TVs, lights, security cameras, and thermostats, so they are known as smart home “hubs.”

smart home control panel

In case you do not know, your Wi-Fi network connects to a smart home hub. (So do any of the additional items you need them to “talk” to.) 

As you set up the hub, you encourage it to comprehend your voice so it can react to your inquiries and orders. The outcome? For the most part, you will not have to use your hands to do stuff – for example, look for recipes, update your essential food item list, or even consult an individual virtual beautician. 

google home mini smart home assistant
The Google Home Mini. Photos from Pexels.

Many of us have a cell phone habit that we would prefer to kick — or even injuries related to technology (thumb pain, elbow pain, neck pain, sore and injured shoulders, a severe strain on your eyes, headaches, etc.) to work on. So, it is quite colossal that these gadgets enable us to go mostly screen-free. At the same time, we do not have to sacrifice the more useful aspects of staying connected.

Smart Appliances: Are They Worth It?

Technology is progressing as time passes, and bringing home smart devices is becoming a need. Before, smart homes were regarded as a feature of a sumptuous way of life. Yet, these days, they have become a significant piece of our lives. 

Below, we are going to share some of the essential reasons for transforming your nest into a smart home. 

1. Efficiency

Thanks to mobile phone applications or a one-touch button, you can control various systems or gadgets. With the assistance of the smart device, you would have the option to run your cooling and heating as well as turning on and turning off lights with a straightforward click from anyplace in your home. This is not only a proficient procedure but also will assist you with saving electric power. 

2. Convenience

Smart home automation lets you manage numerous electronic systems and devices from all over the house or even over the world. Turn on lights, monitor security, and draw the shades. The feature list of the smart home is sufficient to persuade an individual to turn their houses smart as well. 

3. Comfort 

They make your life easier; you do not need to move everywhere throughout the house to carry out different functions. Smart gadgets allow you to do every household task through applications while relaxing in bed or on the couch.

4. Peace of Mind

What is more, the home automation is a significant way of giving genuine feelings of serenity; you can use the smart appliance to check the windows, entryways, water spill sensors, to name a few. Besides, you can check whether the garage door is appropriately closed through an application. You do not need to bother going out to check. 

4. Security

Terrorism and small crimes have become common, and today, people need to make their home secure. Smart devices will permit you to make your house safe. Not all, it will let you monitor the security effectively using your smartphones. 

best wifi devices for home

5. Customization

Smart home automation enables you to have electronic items on how you like to have them. For instance, you can get the shades drawn automatically at a specific time and make preferable adjustment of indoor brightness. Likewise, you can customize all the electronic models according to your will and set timings for different options to be executed. 

6. Utility Bills

The world is gradually and steadily getting expensive, and utility bills may concern you a lot. Smart home guarantees you save electric power and decrease your water bills. 

More often than not, lights usually stay on because of the sluggishness of standing up and turning them off. The home automation will permit you to turn off lights and other electronic units even if you are resting and sleeping. It will, in the end, spare you a colossal measure of money. 

7. Life-Saving Home Alerts 

Fire and robbery are just several occasions that can obliterate your home or undermine the lives of loved ones. Smart home gadgets can make you mindful of such incidents through alerts and notices, which can be sufficient to spare your life.

8. More Time to Appreciate Your Life

Life is too short not to do what you want. Picture this – smart appliances help you do home chores (for example robot vacuum), minimize your time doing stuff such as turning on and off lights, and get rid of any stress associated with home security. In other words, thanks to them, your mind will be free of clutter, and you will have a lot more free time to savor your life – for example, doing a workout.

So, Are Smart Home Appliances Making You Lazy?

Now that you know more about the pros of smart devices, can you answer this question? We have heard it plenty of times, and this is a common concern.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post – they are not making you lazy. How specifically can we prove that? Read on right below.

1. Just because you may spend your time differently from someone older than you might not have to mean that you are learning/ doing less

Indeed, the current way we live has been better, and our today’s home might look like a place of a “lazy person” when looked from people who were familiar with the homes existing in the ’70s.

Let’s take a gander at your living place. There will be a lot of gadgets that are genuinely making your life a lot simpler, yet it does not make you lazier by any means. We are simply so used to them that we do not account for that. 

People could see a TV remote control or other simple stuff in the past that way previously – for example, “you do not need to sit up to change channels, which makes you lazier.” 

Presently, if you work to control connected devices in an integrated manner (leveraging a home automation system, for instance), this does not mean you got sluggish. It implies that you will have the option to make the most of your home in a wholly unique and upgraded way. Above all, it means that you will have more opportunity to do things you could not do in the past owing to an absence of time. 

smart light control panel

People will consistently discover what to do in their “free time”!

In general, just because you may count more on technology in your daily life is not equal to that you are lazy. You are discovering new and exciting things on a day at the touch of a button, and it enables you to open your mind and see the world from a positively different perspective. 

2. They make you more productive in a shorter time

The idea that smart devices are making us lazy is pretty not unfair. Using these unique smart appliances to get jobs done is faster, and allows you to complete more in a quicker time. They should be a valuable asset to you.

You have anything you could ever need and want at the touch of a finger. And you can spend a reduced amount of time moving around your house and finishing them, and more time spending on new things that are exciting and unique to you. You will work just as diligently at these tasks.

In plenty of ways, smart gadgets are like an add-on to your arm, yet you do not leverage it to seem uninterested in the world around you or cause problems. Indeed, more often than not, it is the other way around.

For example, it may look as though you are just idle at home because the smart devices help you with all the necessary home tasks as fast as taking a breath. Yet, you have found yourself to be able to spare more time accomplishing more other things you plan to do in your day.   

There is a big world out in front of you when you pick up your head. You can expand your mind daily with new ideas, skills, etc. 

Overall, by being more convenient and efficient, you can do the same volume of jobs in less time. By having more time in your day, you may choose to do something more productive, say, inventing more advanced technologies that will make your life more efficient. 

It is the technology’s beautiful cycle. While inventions might reduce work in one area, they make work increase in other areas. There are not always enough hours in the day, yet with the use of smart technology, you will have far more time and make more fantastic discoveries that could not ever have happened without it.

3. Technologies cannot make decisions for you. Laziness is inside you

Smart gadgets by themselves do not make you lazy. You can do things which were not possible without them. These are new ways of carrying out jobs made possible by relying on these devices.

Meanwhile, laziness is inside you – it is a human being’s attribute. For instance, you have to switch on the fan in your living space, and instead of getting up from your relaxing sitting position and moving eight feet, you choose to do so by some smart device – this is convenient and smart. Still, if you need to bring bread from the shop not far away, as asked by your mom and you refuse to do that for specific inapprehensible reasons, and make faces – it is laziness.

In a nutshell, smart people leverage technology to have more work done. It opens new possibilities. While those who are lazy may become lazier, hard-working ones will work more diligently by using these possibilities.

4. They require you to learn and obtain new knowledge continuously

With the technology’s continuous evolution over the past decades, a skill’s half-life becomes shorter and shorter. As with a lot of other innovations in the current world, old expertise and competences need unlearning, and then new competencies and knowledge need acquiring. 

If you rely overly much on evolving technology but do not pay attention to growing your understanding at the same time, how can you make the most use of smart devices? Bear in mind that you have spent a considerable amount of money on them, so leverage them to your benefits. 

In short, on the surface, you may think that smart home appliances make you lazy and ask for less use of your brains. But after looking somewhat more in-depth, you will be able to find out that they need you to keep on learning and acquiring new knowledge.

All in all, technology and its developments are intended to facilitate your way of life and make it progressively comfortable. It is up to you, regardless of whether you utilize it or abuse it. 

In other words, smart gadgets have a better side; they contribute a great deal in saving water, electricity, and time. Your good health or laziness relies upon your way of life instead of being on any automated devices – rather than dependence, they deliver convenience. 

How to Make Use of Smart Home Appliances for Your Healthier Lifestyle

We have checked in with wellness and health pros about how they get the most out of their smart devices. Here you are!

1. Enhance your sleep

Smart lighting, such as the GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture, working with Amazon Alexa and C-Sleep bulbs, may be an excellent deal for individuals who experience difficulty getting up in the morning. 

c-sleep bulbs
C-Sleep bulbs

One of the critical factors in your healthy sleep habits is one that you may not contemplate: light. What is cool about smart home innovation is that you today have lighting intended to help fortify the natural rhythm of your body to rest and wake up more productively. That implies warm light at night, which may help increment melatonin, and an increasingly blue-toned light in the first part of the day, which can assist you with keeping focused

Other than controlling smart lights, your home hub can assist you with having a better sleep by wiping out any need for screen time before bed. You can utilize it to take you through a guided meditation session, or set the alarm, begin a white noise playlist.

2. Blast the tunes

Mary Weidner, who is famous as the co-founder of the app for training and planning meals Strongr Fastr, has one of the most fantastic gym home tips that you may want to apply immediately. 

Once she is well prepared to train, she says, “Alright, Google: Time to work out.” Then, she clarifies that her Google Home begins playing her exercise playlist on Spotify and sets the volume to 70 percent. 

It is not an automatic attribute, for your information — Weidner set it up utilizing the shortcut commands of the gadget. However, as many of us agree that music is essential to an incredible workout, this tip is an absolute necessity to go after for anyone that trains at home.

3. Ace your meal prep

It is waaaay too simple to think about falling back on your favorite delivery services once meal prep falls apart. Though there is nothing amiss with that, for some of the time, all you need is a damn vegetable. 

That time, you can utilize the Google Assistant to add things to your grocery rundown. Shopping list management is a typical feature over the home hubs available nowadays. 

Actually, in certain regions, you can even put a necessary food item order with your gadget. 

What is more, leverage your hub to monitor the orphan vegetables that often get lost in the crisper’s depths until past the expiration date. For instance: “Alright, Google: Remind me Friday evening to utilize the zucchini for supper.”

4. Stay away from food poisoning

You can also ask Google what temperature meat had better arrive at when cooking in case you cannot remember that. In the long run, however, you may want to graduate to a smart grill. All you need to do is insert the temperature probe into the meat, and the phone will inform you when you should take it out from the grill.

robot chef cooking in a robotic kitchen

5. Get centered

Does your job, now and then, make it difficult for you to find time for yourself? Do you work consistently in the morning and night? In such a high-intensity working environment, you may hunger for virtual stillness moments. 

As senseless as it sounds to utilize Alexa to assist you with breathing deep, if you do not carve out that time, you may not do it on your own. Simply say, “Begin deep breathing, Alexa,” and she will take you through about three minutes of guided breathing. There are a lot of guided meditation choices accessible to Amazon and Google smart home users, for example, Headspace sessions and loosening up background tracks.

6. Squeeze your muscles in a workout

Are there days when it is hard for you to get in your exercise? If so, enter Alexa

You can make use of the seven-minute workout of Amazon hub — a full-body program including step-ups, squats, and planks. You do not need to consider it or plan for yourself. 

What is more, now and again, that routine can be the main exercise of your day. If you have at any point attempted to hit the gym in the wake of a long day at the workplace, you realize that it is so hard to seek the motivation to work out as you are worn out. Be that as it may, seven minutes? – That is doable. 

7. Perfect your smart home with sleek, practical room dividers

Smart home dividers do offer what you need and want. That is clearing boundaries between your rooms. 

Benefit from one to build designated zones in bigger living rooms, etc. Else, have one as a decorative accent to your bedroom. You may also want to leverage outdoor folding screens that deliver more than enough privacy from neighbors.

For your information, room dividers were around ages ago in China for aesthetic and practical purposes. The decoration of early screens was brimming with calligraphy and art, usually displaying scenes in nature. Their popularity increased in Europe in the seventeenth century. These days, they are available in many designs and materials.

When choosing your best fit, make sure you consider the crucial factors like its dimensions, materials, and color. Given these, room dividers can be one of the best bets. Above all, they work to partition and enable the light to pass.

The Bottom Line

Each state-of-the-art technology makes your life easier and more comfortable. Not all, modern technologies will be able to ensure your safety.  

On top of that, smart home appliances are not making you lazy. The only thing that you should make sure of is that you choose suitable devices and make good use of them. Again, smart gadgets are all about convenience rather than dependence.