Writing occurs everywhere in our daily lives, from writing emails to partners, blog posts, or social media updates. However, not everyone can easily put their thoughts into words or lacks the inspiration to write. That’s when you need ChatGPT writer extensions. This article shares the most popular ChatGPT writer extension that can make your writing process faster and more efficient.

Why use ChatGPT extension?

Switching through different tabs to get the necessary information is tiring and confusing. The extension provided by ChatGPT can save you all the hassle, and you can literally create content from anywhere on the web.

So how do these ChatGPT writer extensions improve the efficiency and productivity of articles?

  • Auto-generate content: Create social media posts, emails, and ad copy instantly with the help of the ChatGPT extension.
  • Respond quickly to customer queries: ChatGPT extension can help you quickly understand customer queries and respond promptly with relevant answers.
  • Improve your online presence: With ChatGPT extensions, you can easily create content, find hashtags and relevant Twitter accounts to interact with, and respond to direct messages quickly and effectively.

Top 6 popular ChatGPT writer extension 

Whether you want to create content anywhere on the web, write emails, or speed up Google searches, you have a ChatGPT extension for every need. Here are the Top 6 popular ChatGPT writer extension 

1. ChatGPT Sidebar

ChatGPT Sidebar is the most recommended ChatGPT Writer Extension by many users. This ChatGPT extension is based on Chrome that acts as a sidebar on any browser page, allowing you to write or read anytime, anywhere.

chatgpt extension sidebar

The ChatGPT Sidebar is our top recommendation for the ChatGPT Writer Extension

This is a free ChaGPT writer extension without an account. Alternatively, you can choose to use the web API for free access. If you want a stable connection, you can also use your own ChatGPT API key.

The ChatGPT sidebar contains various tools and features that can help you write better, faster, and more manageably:

  • Similar Pages: Find ten pages similar to your current page or any link you pasted so that you can find more references for your articles.
  • Grammar: Correct your article or a page to standard English.
  • Rewrite: Paraphrase text, paragraphs, or articles.
  • Translate: Translate any content into English.
  • Custom Reminders: You can enter reminders according to your needs and save them for later use.

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AIPRM is a ChaGPT writer chrome extension with Prompts that helps improve SEO writing by providing a wide range of carefully selected sentence patterns. With just one click, you can easily access various options, including competitor article rewrite, keyword intent, clustering, link building, content generation, Sentences FAQ, etc.


AIPRM is a ChaGPT writer chrome extension that helps improve SEO writing 

3. OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail

OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail is an extension to help you write emails installed on Chrome’s browser. It works for free and is only used with Gmail. The extension helps to collect unlimited emails and messages using ChatGPT AI in a privacy-friendly way. It can complete emails by analyzing context, providing subject lines, correcting typos, and more. In addition, ChatGPT writer extension gmail also supports all languages.

open ai for gmail

OpenAI ChatGPT is an extension to help you write emails

Here are the advantages of this tool:

  • Highest quality feedback that outperforms all other tools on the market.
  • Works better on Gmail
  • All languages supported
  • Complete your email in given context
  • Complete the subject of the email
  • Correct any spelling mistakes you might make
  • Accessible button for ChatGPT to complete email
  • Can be turned on or off at any time

4. ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is a powerful tool that can help you create emails and messages quickly. This extension works seamlessly on all websites, including Gmail, and protects your privacy in the process.

chatgpt writer extension

ChatGPT Writer brings many benefits to writers

The advantages of ChatGPT Writer:

  • Highest-quality feedback that outperforms all other tools on the market
  • Works on all Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge
  • It works on all sites and is even better on Gmail
  • All languages supported

5. Magical

Magical is an AI-powered tool that can automate repetitive tasks as you work. With the help of GPT4 technology, Magical can write messages and emails and respond to customers on your behalf from any website or app. You can save your frequently used messages as templates and expand them instantly using the free text extender.

magical chatgpt extension

Magical works based on GPT4 technology

6. YouTube Videos Summary Easy Copy with ChatGPT

The YouTube Video Summary tool can assist in creating YouTube video recordings and summaries without providing any response to political requests. This feature allows users to access video content quickly, saving time and improving learning efficiency. Using artificial intelligence, ChatGPT can efficiently copy information, and users can conveniently copy information from YouTube and chat.openai.com sites.

youtube summary

The features of the YouTube Video Summary tool are saving time, fast speed, and easy to use

Frequently asked questions about ChatGPT writer chrome extension

1. Can you use ChatGPT to write emails?

Yes, with OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail you can use the power of ChatGPT to write emails faster and more efficiently. Or you can use ChatGPT itself to write emails by applying appropriate prompts.

2. How to integrate ChatGPT in Gmail?

To integrate ChatGPT with Gmail, you need to install a Chrome extension such as OpenAI ChatGPT for Gmail. Once installed, you can use ChatGPT to generate responses to your emails.

3. What are the ChatGPT alternatives in Chrome extensions?

There are a number of alternative Chrome extensions for writing, but none have the same level of AI technology as ChatGPT. Some popular alternatives include Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and Hemingway Editor.

4. Does your business use ChatGPT?

Yes, businesses can use ChatGPT to improve their content marketing strategy. With AIPRM, businesses can generate high-quality content ideas that can help them attract more customers and improve search engine rankings.

5. What are people doing with ChatGPT?

People are using ChatGPT for a variety of writing tasks, including blog posts, social media updates, emails, and even entire books. ChatGPT can be especially helpful for people struggling with writing or lacking the inspiration to write.

The above is a summary of the most used ChatGPT writer extensions. These utilities help you improve your writing efficiency when sending emails, blog posts, or social media statuses. Whether you are a busy professional or a content creator, you will definitely need them someday. Learn and enjoy the benefits that the ChatGPT writer extensions bring.