If you’ve ever made a large purchase, then you’ll understand the headache that can come with financing anything with a large price tag. Caravans are no different. Whether you’re considering buying your first caravan, or you’re upgrading for the first time in a few years, then this guide will talk you through some of the finance options that might be available to you.

Taking Out a Loan

The easiest option for most people is to take out a loan to cover the cost of the purchase. This means there are set repayments over a certain period, making it easy to manage. Companies like Auto Finance Online can help you to find the loan that is right for you within minutes, through their network of direct lenders. Once you have your loan secured, you can then go shopping for your next caravan knowing that your finances are already in place.


If you are considering buying a caravan, but have never owned one before, then you might want to try renting one out first to see what it is like. You can do this in RV and trailer parks for vacations or through private renters. There are some dealerships that might also allow you to rent a caravan like you would a car and take it on a vacation trip, so you know exactly what it is like to own one. This is a fantastic way to experience what owning a caravan is like. Just make sure that the car your own is able to tow it if you’re going to do it this way!


If you have a group of friends or family who’d benefit from using the caravan at different times of the year, then you could consider sharing the cost of it. This is a good way to own it without having to bear the full cost of it – though you’ll need to plan on who gets to keep it when, who is looking after it when it’s not being used, and decide on this fairly.

Other Factors

If you are set on purchasing a caravan, there are other factors that you will need to consider:

Can your car tow it?

Cars tend to have a set weight limit on what they are able to tow, and whether they are able to have a tow hitch installed on the back of them. You will need to have this checked out before you make any final decisions on which model you’re going to buy.

Where will you store it?

You will not be using your caravan all year round, and there are times when it will need to be stored. Do you have a driveway that you can keep it on, or will you need to find a storage facility for it? Perhaps there is a trailer park nearby that you can keep it on, but you will have to account for the storage fees if you are not storing it at home.