Fitbit vs Apple Watch? 

Both of them are among the most trustworthy names to think about in case you are looking for a health tracker or a smartwatch. However, which one is the best fit for your needs & budget? We are here to specify the strong contrasts between these brands and inform you about some necessary facts to settle on your best, most informed product selection. 

Fitbit at a glance

Before we have a close comparison between the two, it helps to start with defining what each is.

For people who do not have the foggiest idea (we guess few customers do not know Fitbit), this brand devotes its time and efforts to making more reasonably-priced wearable that centers practically solely around your fitness. Not similar to the Apple Watch models that enable Internet surfing and game downloading, Fitbit has insignificant attributes outside of health.

What is more? Similar to the Apple product unit, Fitbit is a wristwear. It can function as your timepiece and boasts a couple of various assortments. A few choices intently look like the Apple Watch (for example, the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa), while others are only a less sizable wrist-based band (for instance, the Fitbit Charge). 

Apple Watch: What is it?

There may be no need to introduce this brand. Yet how about we give it one introduction for the sake of consistency. 

Apple Watch showed up out there one year after Fitbit and has not faced a lot of competition from that point forward (apart from Fitbit’s gadgets). It has simple construction: A small, rounded square display wearable on the wrist. 

Similar to Fitbit, the model from Apple is a wellness gadget, to begin with; however, you can enjoy a lot of uses other than the health attributes and highlights. 

On the one hand, there are various Apple Watch editions. On the other hand, every one of them adheres to an identical essential construction. 

Specifically, which Fitbit vs Apple Watch models should you compare?

Okay, since we have characterized the two brands, we will detail which Fitbit product unit is being contrasted with which smartwatch from Apple. All things considered, Fitbit models have a couple of sizes & shapes and a few different costs.

Right below, we are analyzing the Apple Watch Series 6 against the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch.

Again, Fitbit has produced tracker wristbands with a less sizable display. Because they are not an immediate contender to Apple’s smartwatches and are simply straightforward wellness monitors, setting them in competition with Apple Watch would not be reasonable.

Meanwhile, the Sense innovative timepiece from Fitbit provides some comparative features to the ones from Apple, aside from the relatively same design. 

In case you are searching for a smaller screen-featured and more straightforward alternative to Apple product units, you cannot go wrong with Fitbit trackers. For those who are keen on purchasing a smartwatch, continue to peruse! 

A next-to-each-other comparison

Alright, this section is for what you have all been hanging tight for, the top-to-bottom comparison between the two most impressive brands in the smartwatch market these days. Precisely, we measure the similarities and differences between Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 6.

Okay, let’s get into it!

fitbit sense smartwatch on a hand
Fitbit Sense smartwatch

1. Cost

Quick conclusion: Apple Watch is more expensive.

There are two options for Apple Watch 6 (GPS & Cellular and GPS only). And please note that regardless of whether you opt for the least expensive Series 6 product unit, you will still pay extra to get it.

If you do not consider the cost for that additional connectivity, there will be about seventy dollar differences in the Fitbit and Apple Watch price, respectively. 

2. Construction

Quick conclusion: Apple Watch has a slight edge.

You may notice that both of these wrist watches have a square construction instead of the round one. Owning one of the two models, you have the choice to mix up bands. Also, they boast water resistance and top-notch materials to have you feel as if you are wearing something genuinely extraordinary on your wrist. 

With regards to sizes, the Fitbit Sense smartwatch comes in only one (40 mm), whereas the Apple Watch 6’s case sizes are 40 mm and 44 mm.

That is not all; in comparison with the Sense model, there is more assortment in the materials and colors for the Watch 6 cases. The Apple wearable is accessible in Ti, hardened steel, or Al. The Ti choice is the most expensive. When it comes to the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch, its case is made out of stainless steel and has carbon/graphite or white/gold colors.

Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm) - Graphite Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band
Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm) - Graphite Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band
GPS + Cellular model lets you call, text, and get directions without your phone; Measure your blood oxygen with an all-new sensor and app
Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) - (Product) RED - Aluminum Case with (Product) RED - Sport Band
Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) - (Product) RED - Aluminum Case with (Product) RED - Sport Band
GPS model lets you take calls and reply to texts from your wrist; Measure your blood oxygen with an all-new sensor and app

Plus, the Sense product unit smoothly combines a manual button & a touchscreen. Its display is 1.58 inches, and the pixel resolution is 336 x 336. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 6 (40 mm size) has a 1.57-inch screen with a resolution of 394 x 324 pixels; 1.73 inches with the 448 x 368-pixel resolution is the 44 mm size one’s measurements.

In general, in case you are in the market for an intelligent timepiece whose display is fantastic, you hardly go wrong with one or the other model here. With that being said, the Series 6 has a small advantage over the Fitbit. 

What is more about Fitbit vs Apple Watch? Both brands have pulled out all the stops on band choices as well. Regardless of whether you need something stylish, sporty, or somewhere in between, Fitbit and Apple manage to produce some of the most remarkable watch brands accessible. You can likewise use the 3rd party bands, and no tool is necessary to do so. 

In case you want more, other than two size choices and a large group of various case appearances, Apple likewise provides Watch 6’s Hermès & Nike releases. They allow you to create your preferable bands and are particularly suitable for those who get inclined toward something more gym-accommodating and whatnot.

Last but not least, let’s talk about connectivity. In case you appreciate having the option to utilize attributes and highlights such as music and notifications without having it paired to your smartphone, choose Watch 6. It works to provide that extra Cellular support for getting it going. In contrast, as of now, Fitbit does not deliver any cellular connectivity-related support on their wearable devices; the Fitbit Sense is not an exception. 

3. Health tracking attributes

Quick conclusion: Fitbit has the advantage over Apple Watch in this sense.

It is worth noting that whatever models you choose, there is a lot brought to the table.

We should begin with the heart monitoring feature. How are Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 6 in this regard? Both of them come with ECG sensors and optical pulse trackers alike. In other words, the two product units can assist in identifying indicators of atrial fibrillation and other serious heart problems. 

Please bear in mind that these ECG sensors have to look for the needed regulatory approval to begin functioning. On Apple’s part, they have effectively made it accessible in a large group of nations. Talking about Fitbit, the brand has been given comparative clearance in many countries outside of America

When it comes to the SpO2 sensor, it is available in the two models, yet Fitbit was known as the 1st to add it for their wearable. 

Apple Watch 6 helps check your blood oxygen quickly, aside from taking a couple of readings when you are sleeping. You can find the raw data in the brand’s Health application. 

Speaking of Fitbit, it enables the Estimate Oxygen Variation attribute by utilizing the Sense SpO2. This feature estimates the blood oxygen’s lows & highs while you sleep to deliver information possibly showing severe illness. If you have a Premium subscription, it will likewise show raw data related to breathing rate. A new watch face committed to SpO2 observing is accessible as well.

Thus, Apple still has work to do to draw level with Fitbit in such a manner. 

That is not all; Fitbit provides extra sensors not available in Watch 6 from Apple. 

You may appreciate a skin temperature sensor which lets you know about trends over the long haul. There additionally is an electrodermal skin sensor connected to the EDA Scan application. It works to gauge your body’s reaction to stress. 

The model also manages to keep track of distressing sentiments and packs mindfulness programs such as guided breathing. In comparison, the Watch from Apple does boast the breathing application; however, it has not kept tabs on stress.

It is likewise worth addressing that these two product units are combinable with other applications & sensors with the ability to deliver a more extraordinary level of wellness measurements. For example, they are glucose tracking kits & blood pressure trackers. 

Generally speaking, Fitbit has the advantage over Apple regarding the blood oxygen info’s application & assortment of wellbeing insights. For people who genuinely need / desire to monitor their health, go for Fitbit!

4. Fitness & sports monitoring attributes

Quick conclusion: Apple slight edges in sport tracking while Fitbit has a small advantage in fitness tracking, particularly in sleep monitoring.

As you may know, Fitbit has been present in the market as a firm focusing on fitness monitoring capabilities and over the course of the years. it has advanced to become more dedicated to sports monitoring. 

Meanwhile, Fitbit vs Apple Watch? The wearable devices from Apple are great sports & fitness monitors and do things in a way that is unique to themselves.

You may like that both come with the essential sensors. Specifically, there include integrated GPS, an altimeter for elevation measurement, and pulse tracking

Better yet, you have the option to swim with them as well. Please note that swim monitoring is confined to the pool when it comes to the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. In contrast, the Apple Watch 6 model manages to monitor in the open water & pool.

In terms of the heart rate trackers on the latest Fitbit & Apple intelligent timepieces, they have gained credibility for workout monitoring. And you can expect business as usual on the Watch 5 and Fitbit Sense product units. 

Aside from the native monitoring applications, these two wristwear devices support other extra applications, facilitating an alternative monitoring approach. It is worth mentioning that Apple delivers a more noteworthy support level. Thus, in case you are accustomed to utilizing another prominent sports application, the high possibility is you discover it here and there in Apple’s App Store. 

When it comes to fitness monitoring, Apple and Fitbit work to do everything necessary. They can consistently keep track of your pulse, count steps, and come with attributes such as instructed breathing techniques. The two of them are excellent at functioning these things, and you can see nothing changed on the Apple Watch 6 and Fitbit Sense smartwatches. 

What is more? Both keep tabs on sleep. This attribute is principal in Fitbit’s gadgets. In comparison, it was accessible through the 3rd party Apple Watch applications earlier, but Apple has now introduced its native Sleep application. 

Apple Watch Series 6 with process of measuring oxygen saturated on the screen.
Apple Watch Series 6 with process of measuring oxygen saturated on the screen.

One thing to note: The app is quite simple without any special attributes at this moment, so it is not indeed comparable to the more fantastic insights you may appreciate from Fitbit’s innovative timepiece. On the other hand, its capable coverage of the time you were sleeping & sleep time consistency is hardly doubtful, being genuinely the center info you should zero in on. 

In any case, the truth of the matter is that with Fitbit’s sleep software, you receive more sleep information compared to Apple Watch’s. 

Likewise, let’s discuss services likely increasing the value of wrist-based wearable models from both brands. 

Speaking of Fitbit, you will appreciate the Fitbit Premium service that delivers more significant bits of knowledge, suggested exercises, as well as schedules & activities you may want to follow. Meanwhile, thanks to the Apple Fitness+ workout platform, which is correspondingly a membership service, the brand enables you to utilize its smartwatches in a scope of various exercises.

5. Fitbit vs Apple Watch comparison in terms of smartwatch attributes

Quick conclusion: Apple has advantageous qualities as a smartwatch.

When you are not considering steps or monitoring your anxiety and whatnot, what are those wearables able to do? The appropriate response is a great deal. 

Before delving into that, let’s discuss compatibility. For iPhone owners, the Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch 6 are both okay for your use. Assuming you do not have an iPhone, opt for the Fitbit. 

At the point when paired up to your smartphone, these wristwear models are capable of presenting notifications for text, calls, as well as applications you may wish to follow up on. Please keep in mind that if you are an iPhone user, the Fitbit Sense smartwatch will not allow you to get back to notifications.

Better yet, the two product units can handle music playing on your cell phone and let you go away from the phone by putting away music on the intelligent timepiece. 

With that being said, the music player support differs. Apple allows you to move content over from the streaming music Apple Music. In comparison, Fitbit accomplishes something comparable from Deezer and some other services. Both brands have not provided the offline music listening option for Spotify yet. 

Plus, your bill-paying may become more convenient than ever, thanks to the help from Fitbit Pay & Apple Pay. You can also adjust watch faces and have extra smartwatch data displayed by including more gadgets in the faces.

Integrated speakers & mics likewise make both smartwatches excellent choices. When it comes to Apple Watch, it allows for access to the intelligent assistant Siri. The Fitbit model enables Google Assistant & Amazon’s Alexa. 

In case you do not know, an approach to include Alexa in the Apple smartwatch is unofficially available. Meanwhile, you can reach the Fitbit device for official support from two pretty competent assistants.

What is more? In case you prioritize application support, the two models offer various choices. However, it is reasonable the Apple Watch 6 boasts a more fabulous assortment of applications to look over contrasted with the Sense. 

The Fitbit enables access to prominent applications; still, more watch faces are accessible in Fitbit’s Gallery application store compared to applications. 

Talking about the functionality as a smartwatch, the device from Apple obviously has the edge. It is amazingly versatile, packed with great applications. Think about this watch as your helpful, close companion, even when you leave your iPhone behind.

6. Battery life

Quick conclusion: Fitbit wins.

Assuming you are searching for a smart wrist watch with longer-lasting battery life, which should you choose? Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 6? Your best bet should be the Sense model. 

This Fitbit can serve you about six days. Eighteen hours is the Apple Watch 6’s battery life, which is a significant contrast. 

Please bear in mind that battery life will differ based on attributes and highlights utilized or whether you use them with the always-on display or AOD) mode. 

Additionally, the Sense provides a quick charging option allowing the battery to last a day for you to use after being charged for no more than fifteen minutes.

Regarding Apple, it has obviously made advancements to get its wearable device (say, the Apple Watch 6 is ninety minutes on charge). That being said, in this competition, only one wins, and it is the Fitbit.

The bottom line 

Fitbit vs Apple smartwatch
Fitbit vs Apple smartwatch

It is up to you regarding which smartwatch between Fitbit vs Apple Watch you should pick at the end of the day.

Purchase Apple in case you are looking for an incredible smart wrist watch for play & work and are keen on monitoring key wellbeing measurements. 

Apple Watch is as great in the workplace as to how it is worth during your running in the field or something. This gadget is incredible, with practical bits of knowledge into your heart health.

You cannot get enough of Apple’s truly solid construction and fantastic smartwatch attributes & highlights such as application & payment support and notifications. Particularly, speaking of sports monitoring capabilities, it is better, and the Apple Fitness+ workout app is notable. 

Purchase Fitbit in case you need the most considerable measure of data regarding your body. The brand has indeed bet everything on wellbeing info. 

It provides more information to refer to, for example, body temp, sleep, & stress. While it is, as yet, a fit smartwatch & sports gadget, your health data is of the most significant importance to Fitbit.

By opting for the Fitbit smartwatch, you dedicate time to discovering what is up with your body. After all, if that is the thing you need, there are not many wearable devices in the market today more impressive than the Fitbit device. 

Finally, what is unmistakable is that both Apple and Fitbit have been two of the best health monitoring choices. And it will primarily be fascinating to witness how their health attributes and highlights keep on advancing over the long run. 

A debt of gratitude is for visiting our website. We hope that the above comparison is useful when you try to settle on your best, most informed selection! Do not hesitate to follow us for other helpful articles about intelligent gadgets.