I was in the market to purchase a video doorbell. A Ring model was my preference. I was about to purchase it when told a subscription was necessary for ‘activating’ video recording. 

For that reason, I did more homework and discovered many users have been happy with the unit from Geeni, particularly its capabilities. 

What is honestly my experience with it? Does it disappoint or not? If that is what you are wondering about, make sure to check out my Geeni doorbell camera review below.

A glance at the brand

Geeni Doorpeek Doorbell Camera - WiFi Security Door Bell with 1080p Video and 2-Way Audio Speaker,...
  • HD 1080p doorbell camera: communicate wherever you are with superior 1080p video imaging and enhanced 2-way talk, you can answer your doorbell camera right from your Alexa, Google or mobile device. The ultimate mobile peephole!
  • Outdoor weatherproofing: rain or shine, your doorpeek front door camera doorbell operates with clear video and audio in any type of weather IP54 rated for lasting outdoor camera wireless performance
  • Easy to install: simply replace your existing doorbell, download the Geeni App and begin streaming a 130° live view of your front door, connect to your smart home with Wi-Fi streaming over 2.4 GHz networks
  • Advanced technology: motion alerts sent right to your phone instantly, record and store data with internal micro SD slot and see day or night with enhanced automatic night vision with the doorpeek smart camera video doorbell
  • No hub required: your video doorbell security camera allows you to access camera and audio features without extra equipment and hidden fees, download the intuitive Geeni app free for your android or iOS device

Geeni is popular for its well-priced, approachable smart home gadget. Featured by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and then some, this brand is brimming with innovativeness and features. At the same time, it is accessible enough for anyone. 

The secret to that approachability is an application that makes the set-up effortless. Also, thanks to voice assistant integration, Geeni products are even simpler to use. Above all, a reasonable price makes trying it extra easy without a fortune spent on a smart home system.

Quick conclusion

Boost your home security with this 1080p doorbell camera from Geeni. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant and comes with programmed night vision with motion tracking for clarity and security around the clock. The model likewise has Wifi compatibility with any 2. 4 GHz Wifi network. This feature enables smooth connectivity with a tablet or smartphone. Further, owing to the two-way speaker and microphone system, you can converse with anyone is at your door.

Pros and cons

What you may like:

  • No monthly fees
  • Plenty of functionality for an affordable price
  • Good sound quality and great two-way audio (for clarity your visitors should lean towards the bell.)
  • Motion detection and notifications work well.
  • Easy installation
  • The app is simple to use.

What you may not like:

  • The resolution is not that great. While the claimed specification is 1080p, it does not feel like that. Yet, on the other hand, the resolution is surely good enough to recognize people and vehicles passing by within fifteen feet.
  • The consistency of mechanical chime ringing is not enough despite satisfied power requirements.

What is in the box?

  • Doorbell
  • Angled wedge mount
  • Release tool
  • Wall anchors
  • Wire connectors and extension wires
  • Security screw 
  • Mounting screws
  • User manual


Warranty1 year limited
Height4.5 in
Width1.6 in
Length1.08 in
Field of View130
Weight0.17 lb
Intercom/ Doorbell TypeVideo & Audio
Exit/ Enter History Log
Device CompatibilityiOS 9+ or Android 5x+
Push Notifications
System RequirementsWifi 2.4GHz, iOS App & Android App
App CompatibilityAmazon Alexa & Google Assistant
Smart Technology
Remote Operation
Battery Operatedx
Built-in Camera
Motion Sensors
Auto Shut Off
Night Vision
MaterialABS Plastic
Two-Way Audio
Touch Screenx
Colour FamilyBlack
Power SupplyHardwired
Google Assistant Compatibility
Apple Homekit Compatibility
Amazon Alexa Compatibility
Bluetooth Enabledx
Wireless (Wi-Fi)
Connectivity16V – 24 V wire
Geeni doorbell camera specifications

Geeni doorbell camera review

Noteworthy features

1. Pretty seamless communication

Wherever you are, improved two-way talk and 1080p video imaging ensure your relatively smooth communication. You have the choice to answer your doorbell camera directly from your mobile device, Google, or Alexa.

2. Weatherproofing

In whatever weather conditions, this doorbell works with clear audio and video. It is IP54 rated for uninterrupted outdoor performance.

3. Easy setup

It is effortless to replace your existing doorbell, install the Geeni App, and start streaming a 130-degree live view of your front entrance. Also, you will have no difficulty connecting it to your smart home hub with Wifi streaming across 2.4 GHz networks

4. Cutting-edge technology

It is worth noting that your phone receives motion alerts quickly. Besides, the internal micro SD slot allows for data recording and storage. And thanks to advanced auto night vision, the model sees day or night with ease.

5. No hub needed

You would like that this product unit enables you to access audio and camera attributes with no hidden costs and extra equipment. It is free to download the useful Geeni app for your iOS or Android device

6. Compatibility

This unit only works with 2.4 GHz Wifi networks. Do not worry about installation as it is simple with a handy step-by-step guide. One thing to note: the model is a wired type and needs an existing doorbell

Room for improvement

Again, this product is super easy to set up and mostly functions as intended. But nothing is perfect and the model is not an exception. It leaves something to be desired. What are these? How about we figure them out right below in this Geeni doorbell camera review.

1. Size restriction

The size of my existing doorbell’s already existing hole was a dime one. And it is in fiber cement. I had trouble increasing the size and gave up using the supplied wire adapter but twist connectors. 

2. The inconsistent ringing of the mechanical chime 

From my own experience, after the first installation, it functioned well for a couple of rings. Then it could not work, which just actuated my mechanical chime plunger fifty percent. This level is inadequate to hit the chime. 

About one week later, the device automatically updated its firmware. That was when my chime began working all the time. But then again, someday, I encountered the fifty-percent problem. An 18V 10VA transformer gets connected with it, so lots of power should be there. 

Some of the most frequently asked questions

1. Does the Geeni doorbell camera work with iPhone?

Yes, it does.

2. Aside from the Geeni app, does it work with the Smart Life app?

No, it does not.

3. Does the model support video using the echo show?

No, it does not.

4. Am I required to have a paid subscription like with the Ring unit?

No, you do not have to. The model runs over your home Wifi network.

5. Is there an available angle mount for repositioning my doorbell?

Yes, there is. I used it. It is fantastic!

6. Do I need to purchase a sim card?

No, it is not required.

7. Can I review the recorded video from my phone or can I only see the video using the SD chip?

It is necessary to add a micro SD card at about 32Gb to this gadget before you mount it. Then, format the card. Later on, you can see the recorded video off the card using your Android, iPhone, or the Geeni app. 

8. Even when my guest does not ring the bell, does the camera still show them at my front door?

Yes, it does.

9. Does the doorbell need resetting manually when the electricity goes out?

It will find itself well provided that the router comes back on. Still, according to my experience with other models from Geeni, at times, particularly if your power goes out on and off pretty several times in a super short period, you might need to reset it manually. Do not worry! That option is not that difficult to do.

10. What is the lowest and highest temperature this Geeni doorbell camera has got tested in? Where I live can become super cold and super hot. 

I have checked it when the temperatures were in the high 90s and low 30s. 

11. What voltage is needed?

Around 16 – 24V. You may have to update your transformer.

12. Does it need a battery?

No. The camera is wired in. You remove your existing doorbell before wiring in the new one. Do not forget to turn off the power to it, to begin with. 

13. My flight of stairs is to the right of the door. Can I put a mounting wedge behind my doorbell so that the stairs get aimed down?

Yes. The model comes with a wedge if you plan to use it

14. Where does this Geeni ring? Is a screen accessible for me to view the camera image, apart from my tablet or phone?

No other screen. Only your phone. At your doorbell, there is a sound once a guest presses the button. That is when your phone receives an alert with the text saying, “Someone is knocking at the door.”

15. I plan to position my doorbell around 5’8″ (1.7m) to 5’10” (1.8m) (where the elbow is on an average person). Will it display the guest’s face? My previous doorbell failed to do so. 

This model features a wide-angle camera lens. It will not display the face of just about anyone who rings your bell. With that being said, it will show their face when they step back and since they approach the bell. In case you change the angle to display the guest’s face up-close, you will fail to view items left on the ground close to the door. The sky will be the vast majority of your view.

16. Can I add more security cameras to this gadget?

Yes. The Geeni app supports this product unit and other compatible cameras. Basically, you set up the app and use your home Wifi network to add cameras to it.

17. Where can I get a replacement screw? It is the small one on the bottom.

You can reach the company. Else, assuming a hardware store is around you or an ACE hardware is accessible to you, you could try some different sized Torx screws.

18. How to fix the model’s night vision? 

Go into the app settings for the doorbell. It seems like a small gear symbol. You have the choice to change the settings of lots of things there for the camera.

Best alternatives

Let’s go on with this Geeni doorbell camera review by checking out its best alternatives. These are the Ring Video Doorbell and Google Nest Doorbell Battery.

Geeni Video DoorbellRing Video Doorbell – Latest generation, 2020 product introductionGoogle Nest Doorbell Battery
Color/ FinishBlackSatin nickel or Venetian bronzeSnow
ConnectivityWireless or WiredWirelessWireless or Wired
Works with Android
Works with Amazon Alexax
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price
Geeni doorbell camera best alternatives

Better yet, we include a comparison table for your more in-depth understanding of the options.

In a nutshell

We would wrap up the Geeni doorbell camera review with some significant conclusion words. This model should be your best bet if you are looking for the best value for money and are not bothered by the drawbacks mentioned above. It is definitely an affordable high-tech selection.

Also, check out other post for the best doorbell camera.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Further, if you find the review helpful, do not forget to spread the word.