Now that you are the satisfied owner of a cutting-edge smartwatch that you simply find it is hard to hold on to wear it on your wrist and make the best use of the item

Are you pretty content with this product; however, subsequent to putting it on, have you seen that you indeed have a few questions – for example, how do smartwatches work?

You have presumably effectively sorted out some way to navigate over the different menu things, yet a few things may still not be clear enough to you. We, as a result, believe you might want our assistance to explain. 

We agree with you 100% in this regard? All things considered, we envisioned it. We are sure to be able to help you and, that is why we need to disclose to you something right away. 

three smartwatch models

Truth be told, you should have an idea that numerous firms in the hardware business have directed their concentration toward smartwatch manufacturing. As its name implies, the gadget is a “smart” watch, which, aside from denoting the time, is likewise capable of playing out the capabilities that you are presently familiar with doing with your cell phone. 

With that being said, we should make a significant explanation: the smartwatch varies between models. You can see various sorts to adjust to different necessities; the capabilities will hence contrast between one product unit and another. 

Notably, we envision that you would be likely to have a few questions on the best way to use smartwatches’ highlights and attributes completely. That is why we will address some of the most typical highlights of these innovative jewels in this post. 

Would you say you are prepared to begin diving into how your smartwatch functions without any further ado? Yea? Great! We hope you have a decent read. 

Smartwatches: Their quick and on-point definition

They are generally small-scale PCs which you have the choice to put on your wrist. Thanks to these devices, you can know the time; that is not all; with rechargeable batteries, the usefulness of the item has evolved from gaming, calculations, and other straightforward assignments to coordinating the capabilities of your cell phones. 

How do smartwatches work?

1. Operation Mechanism & Your Smartphone Compatibility

As we have just addressed, one smartwatch is not the same as another regarding the firm that created it and the construction. That is not all; they are different in the operation mechanism (also referred to as operating system) introduced inside the model. In such a manner, to comprehend the working of a watch of this type, you should initially think about how compatible it is with your cell phone. 

We show the smartwatches’ most popular operation mechanisms right here, which should enable you to comprehend which among them is introduced on your model.

Wear OS

Google created this operating system that plans to be an advanced and adjusted Android adaptation for gadgets suitable for wearing, for example, a smartwatch. The mechanism is viable with 6.0 Android cell phones and the later versions (not inclusive of Go edition). 

Plus, it can be viable with your iPhone, provided that your phone has an iOS updated version to at least 10.0. Notwithstanding, it is conceivable that complete compatibility will not be available when it comes to Apple gadgets, and there are a few capabilities restricted. We suggest you look into the WearCheck from your cell phone to check whether this is viable with wearable gadgets with Google’s Wear OS. 


This operating system is introduced on Watch gadgets from Apple. It works to communicate just with iPhone 5s from the brand or later gadgets with iOS at least 11. Clearly, in the event that you own an iPhone, an Apple Watch product unit should be your most fantastic selection since the wearable gadget will ensure the complete compatibility of every attribute and highlight.

Other operation mechanisms

In the immense realm of wearable gadgets, you have the choice to discover smartwatches in every range of cost. A couple of models have introduced an exclusive operating system in them, instead of being the same as WatchOS and Wear OS. For this situation, a specific level of compatibility with iOS & Android cell phones is frequently ensured. 

Aside from the well-priced gadgets that tend to mount this sort of operating system dissimilar in relation to the official systems, Samsung has chosen to outfit the brand’s devices (suitable for wearing) with an excellent operation mechanism (not quite the same as the ones just addressed). In this particular case, we discuss Tizen with the complete compatibility with gadgets from Samsung and at the same time coming with restricted usefulness for the ones that mount iOS or other Android devices.

2. Microprocessor or Microcontroller?

How do smartwatches work? There are two critical terms discussed regarding the brains inside these items, frequently reciprocally: microcontroller & microprocessor. Based on the product unit you purchase, there will be either, or perhaps both in your buy, yet they are indeed not something superbly similar. 


They are also known as the CPU (short for central processing unit) that you can see in your cell phone, PC, or something. While they commonly boast the clock rates of 500MHz or more, these microprocessors count on outer chips to provide RAM (random access memory) and flash (long haul) storage. They are capable of dealing with various applications at the same time, and a specific operation mechanism generally controls them, for example, Android.


Then again, the MCU (short from microcontroller unit) is not much the same. More often than not, its clock speed is under 100MHz; however, the microcontroller can carry its memory & long-term storage for putting away programs.

What is more? This internal storage is pretty minimal; at the maximum, you will probably get close to 1MB of RAM & flash together. 

Nonetheless, there is no need for an operating mechanism in the MCU in contrast to the microprocessor. At the point when you program a microcontroller, you code the gadget itself, here and there portrayed as “bare-metal programming,” for one capability.

It is worth noting that the MCU is, for the most part, utilized in ’embedded’ applications and all that, integrated into all the things from washing machines to vehicles. Yet, as you can see, it additionally is inside watches and phones, dealing with explicit peripheral capabilities.

Also, fundamentally, a microprocessor will power all the things that have an operation mechanism.

3. Display & Interaction



Speaking of “how do smartwatches work?” we should consider not only the brain inside the device (microcontroller or microprocessor) but also its display. As one of the crucial components, will it be plainly visible outside under the daylight? We are going to answer this inquiry by disclosing to you that the innovation utilized in its display is the marked contrast that differentiates a smartwatch and decides its prospects of utilization (for instance – for the outside use).

A product unit with an Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes (AMOLED) / Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screen will have further blacks and, in this manner, enhanced contrast. Utilizing this innovation in smartwatches and other wearable gadgets is equal to improved autonomy as well as a decent view on the daylight. 

LCD screen

Meanwhile, a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen tends to have a higher level of brightness, which thus brings about reduced autonomy, yet then again will have the option to deliver more fantastic open-air performance in direct daylight. But be that as it may, please bear in mind: the result in the sunlight will have to do with how quality the inserted panel as the model’s display.

Some key considerations

Now, we should relate an attribute offered on a couple of models: the consistently on display. With this highlight, the screen of your gadget will consistently stay accessible. On the one hand, it is likely valuable in specific instructional sessions. On the other hand, most of the time, as the screen is among the components of a cell phone (or a watch), which consumes the most power, it is fitting you do not activate it whenever you can. 

It is worth noting: A model that comes with such a deactivated mode enables the display’s viewing when needed. Simply leverage the arm’s specific movement (for the most part, the lower arm’s rotation) or physically press a button.

In the event that you wish to make the best of your smartwatch’s autonomy, think about the likelihood to actuate the device’s energy-saving mode. When it comes to specific gadgets, this mode’s activation enables incapacitating the majority of the ‘smart’ capabilities. And just the fundamental ones will stay active, for example, simply showing the time. 


Talking about smartwatches’ interaction, you should keep in mind that not every model comes with a touchscreen display. A couple of them enable navigation between the different capabilities through the ring’s rotation and the combined utilization with the actual buttons on the device’s sides. Likewise, some gadgets boast the combined interaction between both sorts. 

a smartwatch with touchscreen display
A smartwatch with touchscreen display

It is worth noting that you can find a totally different interaction accessible in hybrid models. Instead of coming with a display to show data on its screen, this type of smartwatches utilizes a unique hybrid mechanism. In other words, it is the hands that are responsible for recognizing some particular kinds of notifications.

4. Sensor & Hardware

At the point when we address “how do smartwatches work?”, we mention how these gadgets enable the executing & processing of procedures. Such procedures ensure the activities of the device as well as those of the 3rd-party applications. Truth be told, inside, sensors & electronic parts that tend to vary between models are available, and bear in mind that these components are likely to a certain extent helpful for daily use.

The RAM, internal memory, and processor

Since we have discussed the smartwatch’s display, providing you with a few clues about its RAM, the inside memory, and the processor is significant. At the point when you begin utilizing this device and installing applications in it, you should consider making fair use of the internal memory’s storage space. In case you do not know, following some time, that is likely to begin to back off and need increasingly more time to run processes or something. The entirety of this has to do with the RAM’s measure and the power of the processor. 

Hence, it comes without a surprise that in case your gadget fails to have a fantastic processor or needs more RAM, you will be through a browsing experience and the content’s moderately slow usable level, particularly with numerous applications’ installation & execution. At that point, think about the sort of utilization you need and that you have the choice to make of your model.

The speaker and microphone

The speaker and microphone are other highlights in this type of watch; thanks to them, you have the choice to answer a call without having to take your cell phone. In case your model is likewise outfitted with an eSIM slot or a SIM one (and in this way, additionally a built-in antenna), you will be able to make calls regardless of whether your smartwatch has no connectivity with your cell phone.

For your information, product units that have cellular connectivity (standalone smartwatches) utilize their own sim cards (typically eSIM or nano-SIM) and become connectible with the Internet using their own 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio that is on the model itself.

GPS, heart rating checking, and pedometer

They are known as extremely valuable tools for wellness & sports. Such highlights are fundamental for the individuals in need of a smartwatch with the ability to monitor training improvement. 

When it comes to GPS, you can likewise leverage it to begin real-time route navigation via its smartwatch, as opposed to via your cell phone. Please bear in mind that the utilization of the highlights, particularly GPS, lessens battery life. 

Using smartwatch's feature will lessen its battery life
Using smartwatch’s features will lessen its battery life.

The resistance degree

In case you do not know, it is the smartwatch product unit’s producer that ensures the resistance level. In case you have found none of the International Protection (IP) certification shown, that implies the gadget is likely harmed owing to water & dust. With that being said, the latest models tend to be IP68 or 67 confirmed. 

You should remember that the IP68 confirmation is obviously in a way that is better when compared to the IP67 certification since, with it, there will be none of the risks if your model is drenched in water. Regardless, we recommend generally looking into the suggestions of the maker on your particular smartwatch to assess whether any clauses are accessible in such a manner. For instance, in the event that you are into water sports, the product unit with significantly more resistance and being appropriate for this activity sort should be your best bet. 


While there is a possibility that the smartwatch is outfitted with Near Field Communication (NFC) and wifi, it will more often than not get equipped with Bluetooth since that is a crucial necessity to interface with your cell phone.

5. Customizations, Applications, & Notifications


How do smartwatches work when they are connectible to a cell phone or have an Internet connection? These devices indeed can get notifications – for example, emails, text messages, received calls got, or notifications from Facebook and numerous other social media platforms and apps. Typically, the watch’s vibration points out a notification receipt, and you have the choice to see it using actual buttons or by means of a swipe on the device’s screen. 


It is worth noting that a couple of applications on this type of watch work as companion applications – we mean applications that require to converse with the principle one you have installed on your cell phone. Meanwhile, numerous others work independently with the ability to run straightforwardly from your smartwatch. In the event that you own a smartwatch model with WatchOS or Wear OS, you have the option to open the store committed to it and install every one of the applications you need straightforwardly from the smartwatch, without having to go to your cell phone.

That is not all; smartwatches can likewise come with applications pre-installed for physical exercises or training that is likely to get begun through a button solely for them or other particular interactions.


With respect to the UI’s aesthetic customizations, this sort of watch tends to enable abundant opportunities for customization. For instance, in the event that you are the owner of a smartwatch product unit with Android OS, you may be glad to figure that changing the shown quadrants is fine – that way, they will best adjust to your individual uses and requirements via using various widgets.

An old people using smartwatch for healthcare purpose

6. Battery Life & Charging

Battery life

More often than not, models with color screens will last a day or two between charges; once in a while, it is short of 24 hours). That is why it is necessary for you to think about how regularly you are willing to continue plugging in the smartwatch. 

Product units with voice functionalities do not tend to last close to as long as you rely on them as your phone; however, this comes without a surprise. For example, the Apple Watch would stay working around eighteen hours of mixed utilization on one charge.

Wireless charging for enhanced convenience

You may like that a lot of models, for instance, the Gear Sport smartwatch from Samsung and Apple Watch, leverage helpful wireless charging. In other words, you will not need to plug the item straightforwardly into the charger; all things considered, simply put it down on a wireless charging pad. 

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch (Bluetooth)
Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch (Bluetooth)

Keep an eye on where you use your smartwatch

Lastly, it, for quite some time, has been unlawful to utilize a cell phone when driving in numerous nations. Notwithstanding, are you assuming that you have the choice to use your fantastic smartwatch from Apple when you are controlling your vehicle, confidently since you are sure that it is anything but a cell phone? If so, you may very well need to reconsider.

For instance, in Australia, reportedly, in case a driver utilizes a smartwatch when he/ she is driving, police in a specific state would likely consider it an act subject to a fine.

Notwithstanding, since watch producers keep making it harder to tell smart and conventional watches apart, could essentially taking a gander at the time at some wrong time end up bringing about a fine? Presumably, the courts will, in the end, need to determine the case.

All in all

Now that you have a much better idea of “how do smartwatches work?” do you decide to get one? Have you been more confident in making the best use of it? 

These advanced products are more – significantly more capable when compared to your old simple time tracking item; they are undeniably refined, multi-functional devices. Technology products suitable for wearing – for example, wellness trackers, smartwatches, and all that, have become popular out there these days. And you may find it is not easy to find a wrist without a smartwatch or something on it.

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