For programmers and coders, generating complex code quickly is very important. However, can we rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to do it for us? Recently, Chat GPT, an AI-based project using natural language processing (NLP), promised to generate valid codes with only a plain text description as input. So how to use ChatGPT for coding? How good is chatgpt at writing code? Could ChatGPT be the future of coding in programming? Read on as we investigate the true power of Chat GPT and discover what it means in the programming world.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an innovative software by a giant technology centre Open AI that aims to create a revolutionary “safe and beneficial” general artificial intelligence system. With such ambitious goals, the company has made a difference in research on Artificial Intelligence technology.

Now, ChatGPT has gone a step further by allowing programmers and programmers to develop code with the help of AI. Open AI recently released the GPT-3 update, which can generate human-like text.

ChatGPT becomes popular in writing code

ChatGPT becomes popular in writing code because of its benefits

Can ChatGPT Code?

ChatGPT can write code. However, it will have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Its advantages

  • It’s quick and easy to code using ChatGPT. If you still go to StackOverflow or Google to find a piece of code, why not shorten the time?
  • ChatGPT usually has the correct syntax, potentially saving you time looking for compile-time or runtime errors that humans might make if we code from scratch.
  • Using ChatGPT to code, you can be introduced to other ways to do things you never thought of.
  • ChatGPT makes learning new languages and concepts faster and easier, with explanations and code in the same interface.

Its Weaknesses

While artificial intelligence has come a long way, and ChatGPT is pretty straightforward, it’s not always 100% accurate. ChatGPT also makes the same mistakes as we do. And sometimes, it loses confidence when it comes to those mistakes. So you still need to test, run, and debug-–just like you did in the past.

ChatGPT needs more overall context for what you’re building and why. Sure, it can give you a piece of code or even an entire file. But chatGPT will not understand the whole conventions or best practices for your project and it doesn’t know how that code will interact with other code. It doesn’t understand the requirements around performance, security, privacy, accessibility, etc. Again, as a human, you are ultimately responsible for the shipped code.

How to Use ChatGPT for Coding

Here are some examples where ChatGPT can help you code

Create the structure for your code.

One of the best uses of ChatGPT in software development is to scaffold your programs. You can tell ChatGPT any type of program you want. Then paste those questions in any libraries, dependencies, filenames, and other details to include. You should type your query naturally, using complete sentences and paragraphs. After a few seconds, ChatGPT will respond with a template for your code.

ChatGPT helps to write code faster

ChatGPT helps to write code faster

Add to existing code.

Ask ChatGPT how to change your existing code to make it faster, more likable, and/or do other things. Paste your code into the chatbot and what you want to change about the code. It will give you quick answers.

Find bugs and errors.

ChatGPT can help identify and fix bugs in your code. You just need to type some questions like “What’s wrong with this code?” or “How do I fix the error in this program?” and paste the code in the field. If ChatGPT needs more information, ChatGPT will prompt you to enter additional details and provide corrections as required.

Generate alternate code.

There might be a better way to code, even if your program works. Send ChatGPT your code then ask this about: “Is there a better way to accomplish <your goal>?” ChatGPT will make recommendations, such as suggesting alternative algorithms, and explain all of its suggestions in detail.

Translating code into other languages.

If you’re already proficient in a programming language, you can use ChatGPT to convert your code to a less familiar language. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to translate a Java program into to C++ language. So you have a new programming language quickly.

Test function in seconds.

Instead of spending time writing your test cases for functions, ask ChatGPT to write them for you. ChatGPT will execute some test cases on the function you specify and report the results.

Besides being used to write code, ChatGPT also helps you to perform many other functions

Besides being used to write code, ChatGPT also helps you to perform many other functions

Getting Effective Code from ChatGPT

ChatGPT will sometimes encounter errors when writing code. To use ChatGPT to write code effectively, you need to keep the following in mind:

Give ChatGPT enough information to write the code you need.

ChatGPT is based on a combination of the context you provide and its training data. If you don’t specify precisely what you need, ChatGPT will not generate code that you can use. Be very specific about what you want your program or website to do, the language you want to write in, and the program’s purpose.

Ask questions to clarify errors or confusion.

Tell it so if the AI chatbot generates confusing or completely wrong code. You also should ask ChatGPT for clarification then it will check its own work against the training data and adjust the code accordingly. You can also provide more context for a better answer.

Remember that ChatGPT is not a software engineer—it can’t understand nuance or identify contexts it can’t find in its training data. It also relies heavily on data available on the Internet before 2021 and cannot search the web for newer content on demand.

Don’t trust ChatGPT’s code before testing it yourself.

While ChatGPT can provide surprisingly good code for an AI chatbot, it often makes coding mistakes that it doesn’t (or refuses to) correct. If ChatGPT’s training data contains examples of invalid code, ChatGPT will interpret the invalid examples as accurate. Therefore, ChatGPT is not (yet) reliable enough to write the program itself. Use ChatGPT as a resource while coding, but not as a replacement for a software engineer (or teach yourself how to code).

Above is an analysis of how good ChatGPT is at writing code. Hope this article provides valuable information to help you better understand ChatGPT. Don’t forget to follow our Website to stay up to date with the latest news about Information Technology.