We are figuring out how to adore our machines — or, at any rate, that is the means by which it is beginning to appear! Things have come to a long route since the early nineteenth century when a notorious band of textile employees referred to as the Luddites crushed up the machines that they dreaded were taking their employments. What might they think about making life about 200 years after that, when most items originate from profoundly automated industrial facilities, and a significant number of us are currently welcoming robots into our houses? 

While it is still early days for family unit robots, the well-known little device Roomba could become the shape of what might be on the horizon. It is a little, robotic vacuum cleaner that travels around your living space automatically to clean the flooring and carpeting.

How long does a Roomba run? How about we have a closer look?

Specifically, what is Roomba?

roomba e5
Roomba e5

It is a less sizable, automated vacuum cleaner that can manage itself around your house automatically. Similar to a conventional cleaner, this machine gathers dirt and dust using a vacuum and turning brushes. 

A flailing brush positioned on the side works to push debris under the device. After that, two counter-rotating brushes (turning in inverse headings) collect the dirt and dust before directing them toward the incredible vacuum, which will suck them away into a compact garbage bin. 

In contrast to a typical vacuum cleaner, this Roomba robot will travel around your space using two big tractor-style wheels; a separate power engine drives every one of them independently. The device’s wheels can turn in inverse ways, which implies the robot can indeed spin in a very small space and deal with practically any space it can reach. 

For your information, power originates from a rechargeable battery pack. On the one hand, that may be a downside; on the other hand, for all intents and purposes – the entirety of Roomba’s highlights have been intended to use as little power as could reasonably be expected. That way, it will be able to operate for a pretty long time between charges. 

You may also like that Roomba has various installed sensors to recognize dirt and dust, avoid impediments, and stay away from things such as phone cords and tassels on carpets that could mess it up. 

At the point when it is done, the robot will come back to its “docking” station, where it recharges itself and gets ready for the next vacuuming session. You could nearly say it has its very own brain! 

How long does a Roomba run?

It has to do with a few factors: 

  • Roomba product model
  • Your floor plan size cum layout
  • If you have – for the most part, carpet versus hardwood (in case you do not know, carpets are thicker and depletes more battery for the engines to run on) 
  • Your home’s furniture and all-out cleanable square feet 

For example,

1. The older Roomba 600 ~ 800 product units

Those with a more random vacuuming pattern are capable of cleaning around 300 square feet of your cleanable space with a combination of hardwood and carpet within the battery limit of about 60 minutes.

Since the battery becomes low, it will attempt to discover its charging dock. And in case it does not completely clean the first time, you will have the option to send it out again right after the robot completely charges either through scheduled cleaning, manually or by means of Wifi application controls if your Roomba robot is connectable to Wifi.

2. The more cutting-edge Roomba 900 series models

They have an efficient straight row vacuuming pattern; that is why they are capable of monitoring where it has been. At the point when they get low on battery, these Roomba models come with an attribute referred to as Charge and Resume – where the robotic vacuum cleaner returns to its charging dock and afterward goes out to complete the activity in the wake of charging. 

Roomba is running on wooden surface
Roomba is running on wooden surface

How long does a Roomba run in this case?

Generally speaking, the vacuum tends to take around 60 minutes and half an hour to cope with 636 square feet of cleanable open space. Or an aggregate of 190 minutes inclusive of the time needed for charging to complete the cleaning activity. 

Also, bear in mind that you have the option to change the settings for one pass vacuuming or double pass vacuuming, and the robot completes its task with a perimeter vacuuming around the edges. 

ONE THING TO NOTE: The Roomba models do a great job where you do a thorough vacuum manually every half a year and with appropriate regular upkeep.

Final words

Would it be a good idea for you to get a Roomba? In case you are not fond of vacuuming, and you love gadgets, this robot is unquestionably for you. In the event that your house has a lot of clutters with bunches of stuff on the floor, then give it a miss: you may have to invest more energy and time in making your space ready for the Roomba vacuum to do its job. 

Actually, we believe it is a good idea to do routine cleaning, particularly in the event that your apartment is pretty uncluttered without stairs, so your robot can clean wherever you want in one go. And by doing so, how long does a Roomba run? It depends on various factors such as the Roomba model and your room size, but in general, about one hour.

In case you have other questions about Roomba and robot vacuum in general, check the FAQs here or read the full article about Roomba batteries.