How long does Roomba take to charge?

Roomba batteries are intended to run with short charge times as well as high rates of discharge. In other words, after you have charged your battery for the 1st time, the typical time for charging ought to be around 120 minutes. Life is not fairly as straightforward as this, however. There are a couple of other battery needs users may find during the process of using the device. 

First Time Use

Be sure you charge the Roomba battery for the duration of a night before utilizing it for the 1st time. This 1st charge will give a boost to battery life. iRobot brings up the significance of this initial charge for every version of their items. 

After the 1st use, the typical time for charging will be around 120 minutes. A full charge ought to give around an hour of vacuuming time. As soon as your cleaning robot figures out the layout of your living space, an hour ought to deliver a lot of time to a decent cleaning.

We would prefer not to leave you with merely this smidgen of information related to how long to charge Roomba. Rather, we are going to provide you with a couple of upkeep ideas for this robotic model. That is not all; we will likewise answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) you may have about the batteries of the Roomba.

Let’s dive into them right below!

Maintenance Tips for the Roomba Battery

Roomba needs to be charged frequently
Roomba needs to be charged at least 120 minutes

As mentioned above, providing the Roomba with an exceptional first charge will improve the life of its battery. There are a couple of other things you may also want to do. 

  • Roomba batteries are intended to be discharged and charged often. Run the Roomba regularly – consistently even. This will get the battery through its cycle of charging consistently.
  • Try not to utilize off-brand replacements or fake batteries. The battery should effortlessly be long-lasting for over two years before requiring to be replaced. In case it ever should be swapped out, we recommend visiting iRobot’s site for another one. 
  • After connecting the vacuum cleaner to the charging station, just leave it on. In case the battery is left unfilled for a significant stretch of time, the longevity of the battery could be lower. 
  • Roomba batteries are designed to work at room temperature. Try not to put away your robot in a hot or cold space. 
  • Charge the device after each time you use it.
  • Make your vacuum stay clean. Make its moving parts and wheels free of dust and dirt. This will lessen the quantity of charge that the machine needs to vacuum.
  • In case you are away from home for some time, do not forget to charge the vacuum cleaner completely. After that, unplug it and put it away in some safe place.
  • If the Roomba has been detached from its base for a long while, it will go into a particular charging cycle of 16 hours. This is typical! While this is happening, the battery light will flicker. 

FAQs about Charging Your Roomba

Now that you have an idea of how long to charge Roomba and its maintenance tips and tricks, let’s move on to another important part – the FAQs.

1. Q: For what reason are red lights flashing on the robot? 

A: It means the battery of the robot is too low to even think about allowing any cleaning. Return the machine to its charging station and enable it to charge. In case the battery of the vacuum cleaner has been depleted for a long while, it will go into the refresh cycle of 16 hours.

2. Q: For what reason is my vacuum flashing orange? 

A: As addressed above, this demonstrates the robot has entered its refresh cycle of 16 hours. Simply disregard it, and it will return online as usual once the device’s battery is ready. 

3. Q: How do I know my Roomba is charging?

A: Hit the CLEAN button. Then, the LED lights will show the level of charge. Below is a quick guide on what the lights mean: 

  • Red – Solid: The battery of your Roomba is unfilled. It will be ideal if you charge it.
  • Red – Flashing: Your battery is too low to even consider starting cleaning.
  • Amber – Pulse: The device is charging. 
  • Green – Solid: The vacuum is completely charged.
  • Amber – Quick Pulse: Your vacuum cleaner is in the refresh charge mode of 16 hours

More details: All About Roomba Batteries That You Want to Know.

4. Q: Would I be able to reset the battery of my Roomba? 

A: In the event that you notice the vacuuming time of your robot reducing, it might imply your device should be reset. The little-to-no possibility is that you need to get a new battery. There are a few straightforward steps you can adhere to so that you will be able to reset your vacuum as well as get some more life from the model’s battery. 

Diverse Roomba product units have various methods of rebooting: 

For those featuring Dock and Spot Buttons (for example, 800, 600, and 500 Series)

  • Please press and hold the Roomba’s Dock and Spot Button for around ten seconds. 
  • After you release that button, the reboot tone should play.

For those that have the CLEAN button 

  • Roomba I and S Series: Just press and hold the device’s CLEAN button for around 20 seconds. Then the light ring around that button should twirl for appropriately 90 seconds; afterward, the process of the reboot is finished.
  • Roomba 900, 800, and 700 Series: Simply press and hold the robot’s CLEAN button for around ten seconds. After you release the button, the reboot tone should play.
  • Braava Jet M Series: Please press and hold the CLEAN button for somehow 20 seconds. The light ring will then twirl clockwise once the button is released. It takes around one minute and 30 seconds before the vacuum finishes the reboot. 

5. Q: Why is my Roomba not charging?

Roomba at its dock
Roomba at its dock

A: If your Roomba is not charging, you should check the following:

Be sure the base has power

At the point when the Home Base is connected, and your robot is not charging, the power light ought to be on. In the event that it is not, check the electric outlet to ensure it has power.

Have an idea of your error code

 There are eight error codes. You will be able to get assistance in settling just about any of these by opening the iRobot application on your cell phone or PC.

Try a hard reboot

When you charge a new battery, be patient

In case you do not know, lithium-ion batteries will not work until you manage to wake it up. To do so utilizing the base station, make sure you set the station on the level surface; connect the station to the power outlet, and check that the indicator light goes ahead. Put your robot on the base station and hang tight for a few seconds until the battery awakens.

6. Q: When would it be a good idea for me to take the place of my battery? 

A: None of the magic numbers is available here. Notwithstanding, as you take significant consideration of cleaning your vacuum, its battery should keep going for a long while. 

Accumulation of debris, hair, and dirt in the machine’s wheels will pressure its parts during vacuuming sessions. This may prompt more discharging than needed.

You possibly need to take the place of the battery in case its cleaning time has got seriously decreased from normal.

7. Q: Would I be able to replace the battery of the robot? 

A: Sure, you can! Visit the site of iRobot and request a replacement. They ought to likewise have clear guidelines to direct you through the procedure. 

As we said previously, try not to utilize a fake, low-quality battery. These may result in issues at times of charging and cleaning. 

8. Q: Should the vacuum cleaner remain continually connected? 

A: Totally! The battery of the machine is designed to be recharged and discharged habitually. Since you enable it to come back to its charging station after it finishes its cleaning task, you are broadening the life of the vacuum’s battery. 

The exemption to this is excursion storage. In case you are not at home for over a couple of days, allow the device to charge and afterward store it in some safe place. 

9. Q: How regularly would it be advisable for me to utilize my robot? 

Consistently or each other day. Two reasons are indeed behind this: 

  • The battery is intended for frequent use. Stick to the Roomba maker’s instructions and utilize the device frequently.
  • Utilizing the robot to keep up a clean house will be useful for your little vacuum. Less dust and dirt will amass in its moving parts and wheels during each vacuuming session.

The Bottom Line: How Long Does Roomba Take to Charge?

Only two hours. Obviously, there is a whole other world to it than such a straightforward answer. Please inform us as to whether you have any more inquiries or better suggestions.

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