Bringing home a Roomba robot will guarantee that you do not have to struggle with cleaning using your hand in this quick-paced life. The machine indeed helps deal with your cleaning task automatically and allows you to sit back and unwind on your lounge chair in the calm. 

The entire procedure can be controlled through the application on the cell phone. Everything you need to do is get the correct software, such as the iRobot Home application, to handle the Roomba. Indeed, even before you begin, you need to connect this robotic vacuuming device to a Wifi network.

Nonetheless, to facilitate the complicated setups, you may want to get your Alexa set these requests for you. They are workable with the Roomba vacuum, and all things considered, this cleaning gadget has everything to do with convenience. 

It is fine to outsource these tasks completely to your smart speakers and turn the entire process into being superbly automated.

Below, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to connect Roomba to Alexa step by step. Without any further, let’s dive into it!

An ultimate guide on the way to connect your Roomba to Alexa

Have you ever envisioned shouting at your Roomba robot while observing it from afar? If so, this is your great opportunity. Alexa is known as a popular product from Amazon and a virtual assistant with voice interaction capacity.

One of the tasks it carries out is connecting the Alexa to the Roomba vacuum enabled with Wifi. Please bear in mind that not every one of the Roomba series out there these days can do this; in case you are keen on utilizing Alexa with your Roomba model, guarantee that you buy one with wireless capacity.

1. How can your Roomba work with Alexa?

Consistently, there is a ceaseless pursuit to keep Roomba users robotized and make their vacuuming demands simpler. With a large portion of the Alexa workable robot vacuum cleaners, you can set up a timetable to tidy up your living space utilizing the iRobot Home application. It will make the machine smarter than at any time before and more obedient.

By shouting a basic order – for example, “Ask Roomba to start vacuuming, Alexa,” your robotic cleaner will begin working. The voice command manages to control the Start, Stop, and Pause of every cleaning task without applying the commonplace exertion required to run the Roomba models.

2. Which Roomba is viable with Alexa? 

Amazon Echo Dot that has Alexa
An Amazon Echo Dot that uses Alexa

As far as Roomba 900 series are concerned, you have the option to get your Amazon Alexa connected to the useful iRobot. Apart from the iRobot, this Alexa voice order additionally controls a couple of vacuum cleaner robots by Neato and Samsung. 

What is more? The iRobot Home Application comes with the Clean Map attribute that tracks your gadget’s performance since it deals with the dirt and dust in your house. It enables you to view a map of the vacuumed zones to know where the Roomba needed to accomplish the most work. You may like that you can see it from the application’s history tab and modify your cleaning propensities to concentrate on the area with the most noteworthy accumulation of debris or dirt.

In case you do not know, the iRobot is not the 1st company to build Alexa’s voice orders in with the robotic vacuum cleaners; it is Neato who did it first. The iRobot’s focus is basically on the Roomba. It hopes and expects the future Roomba to be in smart homes.

Also, for your information, Neato put out programming that enables users to utilize Alexa voice order to manage their Botvac connected robots. As for Samsung, they disclosed theirs about a month after.

3. How to connect Roomba to Alexa step by step

The integration of a Smart Assistant applies to your whole fleet of devices. Running it on a vac by vac basis or individually is not possible. Be sure you follow the below steps to get connected.

  • Launch the iRobot software 
  • Follow with clicking the settings option, which ought to be on the upper left corner
  • Go for the “Smart Home” option
  • Next, opt for “Works With Amazon Alexa”
  • Choose the “Link Account” icon
  • At that point, it will kick you to the Alexa application, yet in case you do not have the app installed on your device, then the link should open in the internet browser
  • When you hit the link button; it will get you again back to the iRobot application

After that, you will receive the Alexa application’s notification that informs it detects your Roomba robot. In any case, if this does not occur, do a manual gadget search. 

There is no compelling reason to manually enable the Skill. It completes as soon as the two accounts get linked. Make your Roomba stay connected to a Wifi network. Bear in mind that to make the connection, you will need a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz.

At the time the voice assistance recognizes the orders, you know you have done an excellent job; nonetheless, in case they are incorrect, Alexa will not get back to you. For instance, subsequent to making an order like “Alexa, ask my Roomba to stop cleaning.” After that, something else like “Ask my Roomba to stop vacuuming room, Alexa” – you ought not to expect your dear Alexa to recognize the voice order.

4. Alexa Roomba commands

You have to give orders to enable your Roomba Alexa skill. Provided that your vacuum robot is workable with Alexa and you are done with the fundamental setup, you will be able to try the orders addressed here:

  • Ask my Roomba to stop/ begin cleaning, Alexa” – You can start or stop the vacuuming process that way. Right after you stop the task of the Roomba, it will come back to the charging station.
  • Ask my Roomba to return home, Alexa” – You can utilize this to send your Roomba to the home station to be charged.
  • Ask my Roomba what it is doing, Alexa” – With such an order, you can keep an eye on your robotic vacuum cleaner. You will then have an idea of whether it is vacuuming, charging, or waiting. Alexa will answer to you, after which you may want to give commands in case you need the vacuum to change its activity. 
  • Ask Roomba where it is, Alexa?” – To get where your Roomba robot is in your home, rather than looking for it yourself, you may want to ask Alexa. No matter where it is, lost in some room or under furniture, the machine will produce a signal once since you ask Alexa to look for it.

Rather than utilizing the applications as you do with the past product units, you can complete it basically through the orders. Also, you may love that you can plan cleaning errands by means of the orders.

5. Troubleshooting why the connection may fail


If it is not too much trouble, guarantee the following:

Please note: Compatibility with Amazon Alexa necessitates that your robotic vacuum and iRobot HOME App programming versions are updated. If you do not mind, check out the Software Compatibility of a Wifi-enabled Robot and the iRobot HOME Application for further information.

  • Your Roomba is completely set up in the iRobot HOME Application.
  • The name of your Roomba can be recognized with ease and pronounced clearly. It ought not to include special characters or an emoji. In case you keep on encountering trouble, take a stab at changing the name of your vacuum robot back to “Roomba.”

We also suggest reviewing the guide on Part 3 mentioned above. For support with Alexa, it would be ideal if you contact Amazon Customer Support. 

The bottom line

With voice orders, by just saying what you need, you will be able to control your Alexa. However, these virtual helpers need to recognize your orders; otherwise, you will not receive a response. Additionally, guarantee you adhere to the proper instruction on how to connect Roomba to Alexa step by step so that you can manage to set up these orders.

Other questions about Roomba, please visit the FAQs