As a mom/ dad, worrying is essential for the set of working responsibilities, yet a kids GPS watch is highly likely to make your life simply somewhat simpler. 

Consider everything, wouldn’t you desire to have an idea of where your small youngster is the day in and day out? No need to stress why you cannot find them in the grocery store or why they still have not returned home?

Thanks to the GPS wrist wearable device, you will guarantee your kid’s wellbeing, not to mention the fact that they have a lot of other cool highlights and attributes that your kid will cherish! 

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the top options in the market these days.

Kids GPS Watch: The top 5 choices

It is worth noting that the entirety of our reviews is straightforward and impartial; hopefully, with them, you can pick the best gadget for your child.

1. The best overall pick: TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch – by TickTalk

The best overall pick: TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch
The best overall pick: TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch

As you know, TickTalk is now a very much regarded brand name in the smart wrist device making field. Its model is a phone (boasts most if not the whole characteristics of one); thus, the unit is superbly attractive among kids, and as a bonus, there are a lot of color choices.

You may like that the item runs on 4G and its Customer Service is no joke. There are dedicated experts dealing with the products, problems, network, and so forth.

Likewise, the company delivers superb info protection as they are the storage back-end owners and are accessible if the need arises every minute of every day to forestall breaches.

Please keep in mind that this product unit from Tick Talk – by all accounts, has the downside related to the battery life when some users do not like that it fails to last through a whole school day. Still, frankly speaking, many smart wearables have had such a concern.

Generally, you may be pretty intrigued with this kids GPS watch. And while it is not cheap, according to most customer feedback, the item merits the cash. We do suggest it as a top purchase. 

What you may like:

  • SOS-Alerts empowered 
  • Camera
  • The Do-Not-Disturb option to stop vibration or noise in class
  • You have the choice to program reminders
  • Connectible to Wifi
  • IP67 water-resistant 
  • Two-way calling, which is incredible for youngsters too small to consider having their phone
  • Two-way video calling
  • Two-way text messaging
  • Precise GPS tracking
  • Enables you to take your own carriers with you (helpful as you presumably own a mobile provider)
  • Agreeable loop strap
  • The look is child-oriented
  • Simple to utilize
  • Works on the improved 4G frequency, so as per the product claims, almost 100% of exactness is in following the course of your small youngster 

What you may not like:

  • Not completely waterproof 
  • Not cheap
  • It does not come with games 
  • Overheats (following calls, sometimes)
  • Battery life could be longer

2. The budget pick: Verizon GizmoWatch 2 – by Verizon

Known as one of the leading American carriers, Verizon has dived into the domain of youngsters’ smart gadgets. Thanks to this model, made in association with LG, a reputable brand, this U.S. carrier appears to have made an advantageous child phone watch which manages to fulfill kids and their moms/ dads alike. 

Additionally, this company provides the first GizmoWatch (as well as the Mickey Mouse Ninetieth Anniversary Edition) that is somewhat more straightforward. It appears that the first GizmoWatch product unit’s battery life is weaker, and its screen is less sizable, yet at the end of the day, the gadget is extraordinary for your youngster. It might be more proper for younger children.

Would it be a good idea for you to select the second GizmoWatch? Surely, in case you are having the Verizon plan. The kids GPS watch is likewise an extraordinary deal regarding cost, and there is some quite satisfying feedback from moms and dads everywhere in the world. 

What you may like:

  • It is indeed less expensive when compared to the first GizmoWatch model.
  • 4G LTE network
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Desirable battery life 
  • Precise GPS location following
  • Geofencing choice
  • Two-way text messaging & calling 

What you may not like:

  • The product unit can just become matched with a parent gadget. So, in case both moms and dads wish to follow the course of their small youngster, it will get difficult. 
  • A few parents experienced difficulty with the GPS tracker.

3. The best pick for those with the T-Mobile plan: TIMEX FamilyConnect™ smartwatch for children – by T-Mobile

Thus far, the product unit has been the only kids-centered smart wrist wearable that T-Mobile supports. By all accounts, the item is an incredible choice in case you have a plan with this carrier. Please bear in mind that, except if you already have two active plans with it, you will likewise need to pay a one-time twenty-dollar activation charge.

From the feedback we have looked into, this kids GPS watch appears to have a more significant number of upsides than downsides. It is enjoyable and engaging, and your kid will likely adore it. In addition, the item will provide you with true serenity when the children are a long way from you. 

What you may like:

  • The option to program wake-up alerts
  • Incredible battery life 
  • Enables you to program a couple of reminders & undertakings, hence being fantastic in case your kid needs to finish chores, complete schoolwork, or join an activity organized for children after they have finished school
  • Pre-installed games
  • SOS Alert
  • Geofencing
  • IP-67 water resistance 
  • Two-way calling
  • Closed family network; in other words, outsiders can not contact your youngster 
  • Active GPS location following

What you may not like:

  • You have the choice to refresh the GPS location at some intervals (fifteen, half an hour, or an hour), and it likely glitches a bit
  • The application can be somewhat buggy

4. The most recommended choice for older children: Apple Watch SE

The most recommended smartwatch for older children: Apple Watch SE
The most recommended choice for older children: Apple Watch SE

Buying a model from Apple to fill in as the GPS location following device for a smaller youngster is likely over the top, and you may not intend to leverage it for monitoring your younger children. With that being said, two more current advancements have made older tweens, etc., more attracted to the product unit. 

To begin with, the brand included the Family Setup highlight to set up & handle the smartwatch for someone else, such as the elderly loved one or your kid. Second, Apple introduced its Watch SE, known as the top-end Watch 6 watch’s more affordable version. 

The product unit comes with a quality Al case with gold, silver, & space dim completions; also, you have two options for the sizes (forty-four mm and forty mm). Similar to the Watch Series 6, this model boasts the consistently-on instrument for determining altitude attained, gyroscope, and accelerometer. 

And dissimilar to the less expensive Watch Series 3, you will appreciate emergency SOS, worldwide emergency calling & fall identification. The emergency SOS should be mostly favorable among moms and dads who see the Watch SE from Apple as a potential GPS tracker.

To enjoy the location following capabilities for this model, you will necessarily purchase the LTE version (and the extra month-to-month charge from the phone carrier). It is worth noting that the empowered Family Setup allows you to be ready to follow the trail of somebody putting on the Watch SE model with the LTE connection. 

What is more? You have the option to deliver stipend cash, set wellness objectives, and restrict features in the course of school hours through Family Setup. 

Speaking of the battery life, the kids GPS watch just guarantees eighteen hours of watch use. In other words, charging it each night is necessary. On the other hand, the Watch SE delivers a more significant number of highlights and attributes when compared to the common child tracker; for example, you may be fond of the hand-washing instruction, the committed Fitness application, and activity monitoring. 

Unquestionably, this item is not the brilliant answer for every individual who simply needs fundamental GPS location following highlights. Yet, for the elderly who should be observed or for older children who are not genuinely into a few less sleek appearances of devoted trackers, the model offers a decent mix of design and usefulness. 

What you may like:

  • Boasts the consistently-on instrument for determining altitude attained, gyroscope, and accelerometer
  • Emergency SOS, worldwide emergency calling & fall identification
  • Deliver stipend cash, set wellness objectives, and restrict features in the course of school hours through Family Setup
  • Delivers a more significant number of highlights and attributes when compared to the common child tracker
  • It offers a decent mix of design and usefulness

What you may not like:

  • Not the brilliant answer for every individual who simply needs fundamental GFS location following highlights
  • It just guarantees eighteen hours of the watch use

5. Another best choice for older kids: XPLORA X5 Play Watch – by XPLORA

XPLORA X5 Play Watch
XPLORA X5 Play Watch

The XPLORA X5 Play Watch functions on 4G networks as well as comes with simple-to-use & high-grade highlights and attributes, including network compatibility, Wifi connectivity, GPS & safety zones, enabling SOS calls, sending & getting messages, and making voice calls.

This children’s smartwatch deals with 4G organizations and has high-caliber and straightforward to utilize highlights. 

The model is straightforward and not excessively long to set up and activate. Regardless of whether you are not the most proficient in using technology, you can set up the item with no issues. 

That is not all; the Xplora application is exceptionally simple to navigate and unbelievably trustworthy. You have the option to utilize it as the time-keeping watch or as a phone to make and get phone calls. 

There is not a lot to be disappointed about this kids GPS watch. Some younger kids may find it is pretty complicated to navigate, and the item is probably somewhat superfluous for kids younger than ten.

What you may like:

  • Decent GPS tracker
  • Functions on a 4G network
  • Extraordinary for older kids
  • High quality
  • Entirely dependable 
  • Satisfactory battery life

What you may not like:

  • The watch may be somewhat costly for a few customers
  • It is not very easy for younger kids

Comparison table

TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart WatchVerizon GizmoWatch 2TIMEX FamilyConnect™ smartwatch for childrenApple Watch SEXPLORA X5 Play Watch
SOS Alert
Supported Network Frequency4G LTE4G LTE4G4G LTE4G LTE
Battery Life8 – 12 hoursUp to four daysAbout 48 hoursEighteen hoursAbout 72 hours
Two-Way Calling
WaterproofIP67 Water ResistantIP67 Water ResistantIP67 Water ResistantWater Resistant 50 MetersIP68 Water Resistant
Check latest priceCheck latest priceCheck latest priceCheck latest priceCheck latest price
Top 5 kids GPS watch comparison table

The key factors to consider before you buy

A cute boy wearing stylish shirt stay near school, looking at his smart watch touching the screen.

What would it be a good idea for you to search for when buying this type of watch?

1. Geo-fencing

As its name implies, this is a geological parameter which you have the choice to set on your smart wrist wearable device. You can customize it to play out an action, such as delivering an alarm if your kid goes out from the limits you arrange.

2. Range

Please remember that the range of models that function via Bluetooth (as opposed to the cellular network) is limited. On the one hand, they likely offer a precise location close by (thirty – fifty feet); on the other hand, they do not tend to do considerably on more substantial distances. 

3. Precision 

Clearly, it is fundamental to search for a product unit that is pretty much as precise as conceivable on the grounds that you would prefer not to know the overall zone where your youngster is, is not that right? There tends to be a higher possibility of mistakes made in case of more estimation.

Thus, searching for a GPS gadget is suggested as it is the most precise tracking choice. As we addressed above, Bluetooth is just accurate for a restricted space range; that is why GPS would presumably be your most ideal selection. 

4. SOS Alerts

It is among the most significant factors to think about. This element is indeed critical for not only your kid’s wellbeing but also your mental health. 

A gadget featuring SOS Alerts should enable your youngster to press or push a handy button in case they are in a distressing or hazardous circumstance, and the device will deliver a caution to you. 

What is more? You have the choice to customize it to set out cautions to considerable numbers & lines, for example, the Emergency line. What is cool is that it will continue to call until the call is responded to. 

5. Frequency

Similar to phones, the kids GPS watch provides different frequencies, starting at 2G and up to 4G (& 5G – no later than needed). Your smartest choice would be buying a 4G product unit in light of the fact that 3G & 2G frequencies are gradually turning into ‘a relic of times gone by’. An increasing number of 3G & 2G towers are shut down to allow room for 5G towers, so such gadgets tend to get less helpful.

In case you plan to rely on a 3G or 2G unit, we recommend you buy the SpeedTalk Mobile Prepaid GSM Sim Card. For your information, a SIM card is necessary for your smart wristwatch to create calls, connect with a network, and so forth. And SpeedTalk works to support not just 4G but 3G and 2G, hence being useful for older product units. You may want to look into the coverage here

6. Battery life

Clearly, for this situation, the greater, the more fantastic. By and large, smart wristwatches’ battery life tends to be limited, based on the utilization, yet we suggest you count on a gadget with about five hundred mAH or bigger.

7. Waterproof

Going for a waterproof gadget is favorable in light of the fact that, as you probably are aware, children get wet. Whether it is sprinkling about in your restroom sink or from the downpour, odds are the device will sustain a good piece of water; thus, it will be helpful if you search for a gadget with the IP67 waterproof rating or higher. 

Please keep in mind that IP67 signifies ‘water-resistant’; in other words, it is capable of sustaining specific water contact; however, it will sooner or later break. Meanwhile, IP68 implies genuinely ‘waterproof,’ which means water will not damage it, paying little heed to exposure. 

8. Usability 

Based on your kid’s age, essentially, you purchase a gadget which is not difficult to utilize – for example, the screen should be big enough, kid-accommodating and the buttons are noticeable, big. Additionally, searching for the model without the overly complicated wrist band is necessary so that your small youngsters can utilize it without any problem. 

9. Two-way calling

It is indeed not compulsory. For your information, a great deal of product units do not get that feature enabled, and it relies carefully upon your inclination. You are likely to find it unnecessary if your kid is already into using their cell phone. 

Still, two-way calling is an accessible attribute for people that need it, and thanks to this highlight, your kid can call one out of a rundown of set numbers, aside from getting their phone calls. For the additional advantage, it works to restrict the quantity of individuals who can call the gadget, which holds your youngster back from interacting with outsiders. 

10. Games

Games are not compulsory, neither; with that being said, this element likely makes the device more enjoyable for the kid. Then again, games may occupy them from schoolwork and make the battery last less long. Thus, choosing whether or not to game and arranging the time for it is an unquestionable requirement for your child. 

11. Camera

Cameras on wrist watches are actually not necessary for small youngsters; however, the high chance is that kids will appreciate having one. 

As should be obvious, the factors (cameras, games, and two-way calling) are not compulsory yet will increase the gadget’s appeal to your kid (and possibly to you, as well). 

In a nutshell

As you know, even the most mindful moms/ dads find it is hard to figure where their kids are at some random time consistently. Fortunately, watching out for your children is turning out to be a lot simpler owing to the kids GPS watch.

While there are a lot of smart wristwatch models available these days, and even wellness trackers for small youngsters, GPS for that significant location tracking is necessary.

We hope you can opt for your little ones’ proper GPS smartwatch somewhat more simply after reading through this ultimate guide.

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