There is no uncertainty. 

In the event that you are among those who bake or cook a great deal, the planetary mixers will doubtlessly be among the most useful buys that you can invest in for your beloved kitchen. 

Notwithstanding, picking the proper one may not be a walk in the park.

Many various models with a multitude of different capacities, which can make narrowing down your options more difficult.

Luckily, in this post, we are going to introduce you to a reliable brand Robot Coupe and the honest review on their models so that you can decide whether or not to rely on them. The most fantastic alternatives are also inclusive here.

So what are you sitting tight for? Dive into the review right below!

Robot Coupe: A quick look

1. Robot Coupe

This is among the greatest names in the realm of planetary mixers. In the course of recent many years, the firm has been producing reasonably priced and tough devices. They create an assortment of product units, and their gadgets are anything but difficult to utilize and have a variety of highlights and attributes that can make your life simpler.

2. Notable types of products

They have brought a lot to the table:

  • Planetary Mixers
  • Juicers
  • Stick Mixers
  • Blixers
  • Cutter Mixers 
  • Vegetable Preparation Machines
  • Vegetable Slicers
  • Table-top cutters
  • Robot Cook
  • Power Mixers
  • Automatic Sieves

3. Planetary mixers from Robot Coupe 

Their models:

  • SP502A-C
  • SP800A-C
  • SP100-S
  • SP25-S
  • SP30-S
  • SP40-S
  • SP60-S
  • SPB-80HI

Intended to cater to the requirements of cafés, pastry shops and healthcare demands, and all that, those models are notable for their sturdiness and build quality. Provided in various sizes of bowls and blending limits, they are particularly constructed for kneading, whipping, and beating.

For your information, the planetary mixer definition distinguishes the vertical mixers as machines with the mixing bowl staying fixed and the agitation spinning on one offset shaft. Thanks to the agitator attachments that can be interchanged, you will have the choice to blend anything from puddings, meringues, icing, to dough.

4. For what reason should you use a Robot Coupe planetary mixer?

They are outstandingly flexible and can blend various things. With legit attachments, they can likewise grind, slice, chop, dice, and cut. They will be awesome generally useful parts in your kitchen. 

On account of their adaptability and differing size choices, they are by a long shot one of the most popular kinds of mixers in kitchens.

Robot Coupe planetary mixer review

A closer look

Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer SP502A-C
Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer SP502A-C

Prior to settling on your most suitable product choice, take some of your time to see what are some of the significant interesting points about planetary mixers from this brand.

1. Performance

One of the perspectives to consider when choosing which model to purchase is most likely what amount of dough it can deal with as well as the time is necessary for it to do so. Processing times are indeed significant, particularly in case you want to utilize the mixer professionally. Robot Coupe planetary mixers, in general, figure out how to set up a great dough for your bread as fast as possible; yet, obviously, it is a variable that additionally relies upon the measure of dough and the outcome you want. 

You may also like the capacity of these mixers, or rather of their whips, to gather every one of your dough in the bowl, regardless of whether the dough is not big. Another plus point is the least trouble that the models experience when they are handling the dough somewhat more hard or so. 

What is more? The dough quality in the wake of processing is likewise hardly doubtful: it is pretty tightly kneaded, and more often than not, you will not have to do ensuing manual processing. 

That is not all; the capacity of the Robot Coupe product units to blend things well is another significant worth. They are outfitted with a moderate start that enables it to be excellently incorporated.

2. The capacity of the bowl

The question now is, what is your need? 

Are you looking for a model for more use at home or are you searching for an item with more prominent capacity for more pro use? Also, do you have to set up a considerable amount of dough continually? 

Continuously ask yourself these inquiries, and you will have the option to separate among the numerous models to find that is proper for you. What is remarkable is that the Robot Coupe planetary mixers’ bowls have a diverse limit; obviously, the more prominent the boundary of the bowl is, the more noteworthy amount of dough and all that can be handled by your device.

3. The cost

The cost is positively one of the crucial factors for the buy of a planetary mixer. Consider what spending plan you would like to set. 

You may like that the models from Robot Coupe are well priced; at the same time, at that reasonable price range, you still discover great items that might cater to your needs and wants. Their performances are decent, and the outlay is reasonable.

4. The weight

The heaviness of the Robot Coupe planetary mixer is also appreciated. Bear in mind that it is a significant worth since, in such a case that they are strong and hefty enough, they will unquestionably be less dependent upon vibrations and more steady when functioning at incredible speeds or with doughs that are extra hard.

5. Dimensions

Do you desire to leave your mixer consistently on display, because of its decent design? Or, do you wish to take the device out just when needed? Either this or that, it is safe to say that Robot Coupe has what fits your needs and wants best!

6. The speed

The speed of the product unit is often another factor to think about when purchasing planetary mixers, particularly in the event that you want the device to be proficient and function rapidly. 

The good news is that the speed and efficiency of the models from Robot Coupe will hardly disappoint you. You can check the specific information about them with ease when visiting their site. 

7. Accessories

Planetary mixers here are generally sold with the hook, the whisk, and the whips, in addition to the bowl in quality materials and the safety guard. Typically the Robot Coupe models have the essential parts and helpful items that will improve your user experience.

8. Cleaning & Maintenance

The brand’s product units are anything but difficult to clean in light of the fact that it is fast and simple to move out the different pieces. This plus point is imperative as it will absolutely spare you a ton of effort and time.

Key specs of Robot Coupe planetary mixers

1. Bowl capacity

The capacity of the bowl varies to cater to your different needs:

  • 80 liters
  • 60 liters 
  • 40 liters 
  • 30 liters 
  • 25 liters
  • 10 liters
  • 8 liters 
  • 5 liters 

2. Power

The same goes for power:

  • 2 250 Watts
  • 2 200 Watts
  • 1 300 Watts
  • 560 Watts 
  • 250 Watts
  • 200 Watts 
  • 750 Watts 

3. Speeds

The same goes for the speeds:

  • 69/ 121/ 204/ 356 rpm
  • 99/ 167/ 329 rpm
  • 106/ 196/ 358 rpm
  • 180 to 640 rpm 

4. Voltage

  • Three phase
  • Single phase

Comparison table

ModelsPowerVoltageSpeedsBowl capacity
SPB-80HI2 250 WattsThree phase69/ 121/ 204/ 356 rpm80 liters
SP60-S2 200 WattsThree phase99/ 167/ 329 rpm60 liters
SP40-S1 300 WattsSingle phase99/ 167/ 329 rpm40 liters
SP30-S750 WattsSingle phase99/ 167/ 329 rpm30 liters
SP25-S560 WattsSingle phase99/ 167/ 329 rpm25 liters
SP100-S250 WattsSingle phase106/ 196/ 358 rpm10 liters
SP800A-C200 WattsSingle phase106/ 196/ 358 rpm8 liters
SP502A-C750 WattsSingle phase180 to 640 rpm5 liters
Comparison table: different models of Robot Coupe planetary mixers

SP502A-C planetary mixer from Robot Coupe: A quick, practical review

Below are giving some insights into one of the most famous planetary mixers from SP502A-C.

1. Quick conclusion

This model comes with a fantastic fixed bowl, and the excellent paddle is moving about in the product’s bowl and at the same time, turning on the shaft. 

It is perfect for aerating, mixing, and stirring a series of powders, liquids, and solids.

One upside of the machine is its compatible utensils: whisk, hook, etc. That is not all; the quality stainless steel bowl that can move out does make it simpler to access the dough. The item’s variable speed enables various degrees of mass combinations.

Its only downside that we can figure out is the limited number of reviews on the model. 

2. What you will get with the model

  • Warranty: two years
  • Synchromesh gears 
  • Front worked control panel
  • Removable stainless steel bowl
  • Variable speed 
  • Shock safe transmission
  • Heat overload protection
  • Manual operation or timer
  • Emergency stop function.
  • Safety guard with built-in safety switching
  • Five litres in the bowl capacity.

3. Capacities table

SpeedRobot Coupe SP502A-C model
Bakery single batches
Pasta, basic egg noodle1.5 kg
Pie dough1.4 kg
Cake1.8 kg
Fondant icing1 kg
Pizza dough, thick1st only1.2 kg
Pizza dough, medium1st only1.4 kg
Pizza dough, thin1st only1.5 kg
Bread and roll dough1st only1.4 kg
Heavy bread dough1st only1.2 kg
Raised donut dough1st and 2nd1 kg
Kitchen single batches
Meringue1.8 L
Egg white2 L
Mass potatoes2.5 kg
Whipped cream2.5 L
Hot cake batter2 L
Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer Capacities table

4. Accessories

Whatever your needs are, there are things for you:

  • Interlocked safety guard
  • Whisk, beater, and dough hooker
  • Removable stainless steel bowl

The top 3 best alternatives to Robot Coupe planetary mixers

In case Robot Coupe models are not your thing, consider the following stunning options:

1. Kenwood KMX750RD Stand Mixer – by Kenwood

Kenwood KMX750RD Stand Mixer – An alternative to Robot Coupe Planetary mixer
Kenwood KMX750RD Stand Mixer – An alternative to Robot Coupe Planetary mixer

What you may like:

  • Firm and solid mixer
  • Direct drive and potent motor (1000 W) 
  • Included whips and accessories
  • Work to mix at low speed
  • Kneader available in three colors: red, black, and white
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Six processing speeds
  • Electronic speed regulation
  • A lot of optional accessories accessible for the mixers
  • Quickly knead even somewhat more solid dough 
  • Big bowl: 5 L

What you may not like:

  • The device is somewhat noisy
  • The model’s cost in line with its sound quality

2. G3 Ferrari Pastaio – Blender – by G3 Ferrari

G3 Ferrari Pastaio – Blender - robot coupe planetary mixer alternative
G3 Ferrari Pastaio – An alternative to Robot Coupe Planetary mixer

What you may like:

  • Mixer with digital controls
  • Timer
  • Six processing speeds
  • Seven preset programs, to help with users without plenty of experience
  • Powerful motor: 1000 W (1500 W, to begin with)
  • High capacity: Seven liters and three kilograms of dough, known as being among the most capacious models in its category
  • Great value for money

What you may not like:

  • The model may lose a tiny amount of stability when it comes to dealing with hard dough
  • Possibly affected by overheating in case you use it for excessively long
  • Washing the device’s parts in your dishwasher is not possible

3. Klarstein Bella Argentea Multifunction Kitchen Planetary Robot Mixer – by Klarstein

Klarstein Bella Argentea Multifunction Kitchen Planetary Robot Mixer – An alternative to Robot Coupe Planetary mixer
Klarstein Bella Argentea Multifunction Kitchen Planetary Robot Mixer – An alternative to Robot Coupe Planetary mixer

What you may like:

  • Accessible in many colors
  • A stainless steel mixing bowl of which capacity is 5.2 L and having a splash guard
  • Planetary movement
  • Three useful accessories included in the product unit
  • Six speeds
  • Decent power: 1200W
  • Good price

What you may not like:

  • A little noisy
  • The machine manages less sizable quantities of dough
  • Accessories of the model in chromed steel

In a nutshell

At the point when you are setting up for your kitchen, you will have a great deal of things to think about. It will be great if you have enough information on what you should have in the kitchen, such as equipment and appliances. Planetary mixers are an extraordinary bit of kitchen tools that might be profoundly advantageous to your food preparing area; one of the best mixers in this category is Robot Coupe ones.

With the above review, you may now have got just about anything you need to know about the brand’s planetary mixers to conclude whether they are the best choices for your usage. Happy shopping!