Keeping your house clean is very important and takes time and energy. A great way to reduce the amount of work you need to do every day is buying a Roomba, which will clean your house even when you are away. The Roomba vacuum is manufactured by the iRobot Corporation which over the years has sold millions of its products worldwide. The company was founded in 1990 and has its headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts. 

The Roomba 900 and 600 series vacuums are excellent choices for your home. The 960 is the latest vacuum in the 900 series and the 670 in the 600 series although, Roomba 670 is a mid range vacuum, while the 960 is more high-end. 

Both of these robots come with Wifi connectivity and will easily connect to your home network. You can then control them remotely using a mobile app. They also seamlessly connect with Alexa ensuring that you can use voice control to give commands. The 960 and 670 automatically dock when charged is depleted.

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Roomba 670

Roomba 670
Roomba 670


The 670 is the latest in the 600 series and offers a variety of great features and updates on its predecessor. 


The 670 is 9.2 cms tall and 34 cms in diameter which, makes it perfect for cleaning under the couches, beds and tables. 

3-stage Cleaning System

The Roomba 670 includes a 3 stage cleaning system that means it is excellent for homes with pets. It will loosen and suction pet hair from the floors and air and get your house clean in no time. The 3 stage system ensures that the 670 can clean a variety of hard floors, rugs, laminate and carpets in your home.

Spinning Side Brush

It comes with a spinning side brush that sweeps all dirt into the three-stage cleaning system. That way the Roomba 670 can clean hard to reach corners and walls. 

iAdapt Navigation System

The 670 is equipped with the iAdapt navigation system so that it can move through large rooms. It also can avoid obstacles and automatically dock itself when it is low on battery. You will, however, need to go to the HomeApp to resume cleaning after it is fully charged. Apart from that, the 670 can move from room to room and has cliff detection software which ensures that it will not fall off the stairs. 


The Roomba 670 comes with Aero vac which ensures that it can capture fine dust, debris and allergens from the air in your home. 

Acoustic Sensors

The 670 features an acoustic sensor that ensures that it can find areas with a high concentration of dirt and clean them. 

Pros and Cons


  • The Roomba 670 automatically adjusts to cleaning different types of floors, so you do not need to do it manually. 
  • You can create cleaning schedules using the mobile app, and the robot will automatically start cleaning even if you forget. You can also schedule it to clean when you are not at home. 
  • You can control it using Alexa Voice Command and the iRobot Mobile App. 


  • It has a short battery life and a long charging time. 
  • It does not automatically resume cleaning, and you will have to do it yourself via the iRobot app if you are not in the house. 

Roomba 960

roomba 960

The Roomba 960 is the newest member of the 900 series and is chockful of excellent features meant to make your life easier. 



The Roomba 960 is 34cms in diameter and 8.9 cms in height which makes it great for cleaning under beds and sofas. It also has a large debris bin which ensures you do not have to empty it too often.

High-efficiency Filter

The 960 has a high-efficiency filter which ensures that it captures debris, allergens and pet hairs. That means it is excellent for homes that have pets.

Multi-Surface Tangles-Free Brushes

The 960 comes with tangle-free brushes that can clean a variety of surfaces. These ensure that your Roomba can clean corners and wall edges along with a variety of surfaces. It can clean both low piles and medium piles carpets and is excellent for all types of hard floors including linoleum, vinyl, laminate and ceramic tile. 

Battery Life

It has a battery life of 75 minutes and requires 90 minutes to charge fully. That noted it auto docks when the battery is low, and after charging is complete, it resumes cleaning. The 960 can do this because it uses a cleaning map that it saves before charging.

iAdapt 2.0 and vSLAM technology

The 960 uses these features to map your home and move from room to room. 

Smart Navigation Sensor

The Roomba 960 comes with Smart Navigation Sensors which, ensure that it can detect cliffs early and avoid falling off the stairs. 

Spot Cleaning

The Roomba 960 has a Spot Cleaning Function which ensures that you can command the vacuum to clean specific areas that are extremely dirty. 

Pros and Cons


  • AutoDock: Docks automatically when its charge is depleted and will continue cleaning where it left off after charging is complete. 
  • Alexa Voice control: Using Alexa voice control, you can give commands to your Roomba 960.
  • Large Debris Bin: The 960 comes with a large bin to deposit the dirt and debris when it cleans and ensures that you do not have to keep emptying it. 


  • It charges for a long time but has a short battery life. 
  • You cannot create cleaning schedules. 


roomba 960 vs 670

Both the 960 and 670 can be great additions to your cleaning routine. If you are looking for a great robot to clean in your absence, then the 960 is your best option because it will keep going after charging. It is crucial to remember that it does not allow you to schedule cleaning which the 670 does. 

The 670 is an excellent choice if you are on a budget but need a feature-rich Roomba. It has amazing features and allows you to schedule cleaning. Its only downside is the fact that it does not automatically resume cleaning after charging.