Has your robot vacuum cleaner been performing less effectively? 

Have you got your iRobot Roomba served you for quite a while, and at this point, it does not – by all accounts, fit as a fiddle anymore?

In the event that your cleaning robot is misbehaving, you are likely thinking about the functionality of its battery.

Indeed, a couple of the performance problems related to the vacuum from this brand are owing to battery issues; however, it is not, in every case, simple to tell straightly whether or not your Roomba needs a new battery.

However, stress not on the grounds that, in this post, we are going to guide you through almost everything you may want to know about Roomba batteries.

How long does your iRobot Roomba battery last? How to prolong its life?

True be told, this is an inquiry that many users wonder before they choose to spend their cash on something. The question is reasonable, after all. Who truly wishes to burn through cash on things that fail to provide a decent worth and all? 

That is why, in this part, we are addressing this significant inquiry. All things considered, that is the reason we are here! To give answers to what concerns you.

In case you do not know, how long something lasts frequently relies upon how you utilize and maintain it. To ensure the long life of the iRobot Roomba battery, below are a few tips and tricks to remember:

1. Fully exhaust your Roomba battery before you recharge it

Please note that it is significant for you to drain the vacuum cleaner’s battery to keep up its full limit. That is what we additionally came to pick up as of late. In the past, we charged the battery of the robot whenever we felt that the voltage decreased and we used to believe we were doing so for longer battery life just to discover that we were ruining it.

running roomba on a wooden floor

Yet, how can you figure out that the vacuum’s battery is completely depleted? Indeed, it would be best if you let the device work until its battery dies. Next up, it is necessary that you guarantee the battery is completely charged before you start utilizing it later on.

Ensure that you follow such a cycle again and again, which will, without a doubt, let you appreciate how long the Roomba battery lasts. Bear in mind that charging it before the battery is completely depleted just serves to ruin it.

2. Put it away where it is quite dry and cool

As you know, that is a general rule pertinent to practically all things. You have likely come to see the note ‘Store in a dry and cool area’ concerning the majority of appliances. The place you put the battery away likewise goes far in deciding how long it will last. 

Much the same as the vast majority of the appliances, batteries from iRobot Roomba ought to be put away from direct daylight. For what reason is it suggested to get these batteries far from natural sunlight? Indeed, heat transmitted from the rays of the sun is one of the prominent foes of the battery. 

Also, guarantee that there is a lot of fresh air around and in which the Roomba battery is put away. It ought to be kept away from household items and hardware that tends to emit plenty of heat. Again, heat is notorious for doing no good to batteries; that is why ensure you place them where it is generally cool.

3. Make the brushes free of dust and dirt

There are a couple of Roomba product units which can self-charge. Nonetheless, your pet fur and hair in addition to other different flotsam and jetsam is likely to enter the brushes. To guarantee that the battery of the vacuum cleaner keeps going longer, we suggest you tidy up the brushes of the machine. 

In the event that the cleaning robot is excessively loaded with trash, it will consequently influence how well the battery performs, which will thus diminish its time frame of realistic usability. 

It will be best if you move the brushes out about once per week or more and make them spotless. By doing so, you will make certain of getting the battery serving you in a somewhat more extended length of time.

4. Change to ‘vacation mode’ at times the robot vacuum has not been used 

What is more? To broaden the iRobot Roomba battery’s life, you can also change the vacuum cleaner to ‘vacation mode’. That way works to make your battery stay in a solid state in case it will not be utilized for a more extended length of time; suppose – 30 days. 

The question now is, how to set the battery of the robot on vacation mode? That is indeed an easy tip that anyone should possibly do. You needn’t bother with any preparation to change the battery of the vacuum to this mode.

To begin with, guarantee that your battery is ultimately charged. Follow with moving the battery out by making screws that keep the battery door fixed in place less tight. As soon as you manage to move out the vacuum’s battery, put it away in a pretty dry and cool area away from the product unit itself. 

Since you come back from your excursion, simply assemble your device again after you have ultimately charged the battery. Guarantee that you run the model until it becomes totally off before continuing your typical daily practice. Is it clear and simple enough?

5. Use the battery frequently 

For your information, regular utilization of the vacuum cleaner’s battery guarantees its effectiveness is all around kept up. Also, loads of vacuuming will enhance the wellbeing status of your battery. 

Now that you know – there are numerous ways of lengthening the life of an iRobot Roomba battery. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can see that the lifespan of your battery has to do with how efficiently you leverage it. It is, along these lines, significant that you follow a few, if not all, of such upkeep ways.

Do Roomba batteries go bad?

Yes. Here are some of the super obvious signs:

1. Battery does not retain the charge

Following our years of utilizing iRobot Roombas, it began depleting the charge strangely quickly. At long last, we made it stay charging for a whole day, yet it just worked to leave the charging dock for a couple of moments before the “battery depleted” notifying light began to appear. 

In the event that this applies to your model, have a go at playing out the drain-charge cycle for its battery revival. First off, remove the battery of the vacuum, and then, place it back following a couple of moments. 

Begin a vacuuming session and have the vacuum cleaner operate until the battery charge becomes totally low. Follow with plugging the model to a charger and enabling it to charge for as many as three days without stopping. 

Adhere to that process again and see whether or not your robot can hold a charge for a more extended time. In the event that the top fails to help with the device’s battery’s life, getting a new battery for your Roomba is most likely necessary. 

2. The run time of your battery is short

At its peak, the best Roomba model generally runs anywhere between 1 and 2 hours depending on factors such as the size of your home, its layout, type of floors, and whether or not you have pets at home.

For your information, at the peak of the most decent product unit from iRobot Roomba, it – for the most part, runs anyplace somewhere in the range of 60 and 120 minutes relying upon elements, for example, whether your house has dogs/ cats, sort of flooring, its design, and the size of your living place. 

Once in a while, you may see that the cleaning machine really leaves its dock and works just a brief time (about 15 minutes or 20) before it halts part of the way through the task.

Generally speaking, helpless upkeep, for example, not making the roller brushes clean routinely, can negatively affect the battery of your robot, bringing about less long run times. That is still likely to happen regardless of whether you have just got your robot vacuum cleaner for a relatively short timeframe.

In the event that you continue finding your darling robot dead someplace in your living space after just several minutes of operation, the high chance is that its battery is the offender.

3. Power light does not illuminate

The most foreboding sign that all is probably not well with your robot is the point at which the power light fails to go on.

When charging, once wholly charged, at times that the battery gets empty, or when it is overly low to dock by itself, there ought to be a specific light from the device.

In case the Roomba is not illuminating, we suggest you flip the device over, remove, make it clean, and afterwards place the Roomba battery back in the enclosure following a couple of moments. Keep in mind that if you hear a click sound, you can have peace of mind that the battery has been well put in the enclosure.

What if doing so does not work? Then, have a go at charging the vacuum cleaner on its charging dock for 120 minutes or more. You may need to take the place of its battery in case the power light does not manage to light up in the twilight of charging the robot.

4. Does not perform well even after you have cleaned the vacuum 

At the point when our vacuum is misbehaving, in some cases, a snappy wipe down is generally everything necessary to have it run as usual again.

Splash a little amount of a reliable multi-purpose cleaner on a cloth and utilize this to make the charging contacts under the machine and on its dock and your battery compartment clean.

In the event that you have not provided your Roomba with a thorough clean yet, do not hesitate to do as such now. A buildup of residue and flotsam and jetsam can make the device have a hard time operating, thus negatively affecting its battery. 

In case the performance of your robot is not better even in the wake of making it clean, the high possibility is that your device requires a new battery. 

5. The performance of the robot fails to increase after resetting 

In case you do not know, resetting is likely to assist with reviving an obstinate battery. Stick to the steps below to reset your robot:

  • Click the Clean button to turn the robot’s power on 
  • Hold down the ‘Dock’ & ‘Spot’ buttons all the while for around 20 seconds 
  • Follow with releasing the two fastens simultaneously; the normal starting sound of the robot should follow 
  • Charge the Roomba battery for as many as 16 hours or until full as shown by the light 

Bear in mind – in the event that the performance of the robot is not better in the wake of following the above steps, you may need to take the place of its battery.

6. Your iRobot Roomba is older

In case you have bought your robot vacuum cleaner for over three years, you likely begin to see issues, for example, less long run times and charging glitches. 

Appropriate upkeep goes far in increasing the longevity of your robot vacuum; however eventually, even the one with your utmost care should get its battery taken the place of to keep up the performance.

What happens when your Roomba battery dies?

Is it safe to say that you are suspecting your robot vacuum’s battery is likely dead, yet you are not certain about it? Do you keep thinking about whether the time has come to take the place of the machine as a whole or in the event that it is only the Roomba battery that should be taken the place of?

Keep in mind that, as far as a dead robot is concerned, it will not charge or power on. Does your gadget carry on as such? If so, you realize that the vacuum is dead. In case it has been a short while since the buy time, you may want to contact the vacuum maker and look for specialized help.

A few gadgets can be fixed; meanwhile, in the case of others, the expense of fixing it is probably as much as purchasing another one. In case you presume that your robot vacuum cleaner is breaking down, it is most likely simplest to purchase another one. 

Step-by-step guide on replacing your iRobot Roomba battery 

We have a question in this regard. Have you ever taken the place of any batteries previously? In the event that you have done so, it will not be hard and complex to change your robot vacuum’s batteries from iRobot. On the other hand, it may be pretty tricky to install a battery if you are a first timer.

Truth be told, changing batteries of cleaning robots is somewhat not quite the same as installing the battery of a remote controller, for instance. Then, how can you take the place of old vacuum batteries? What are a few of the equipment and tools which are helpful in this light? Does your Roomba battery die to begin with? 

In case your robot vacuum cleaner’s battery dies, you will have no other alternative but to take the place of it. A screwdriver should be ready since thanks to that, you will find it is simpler to get to the Roomba battery itself. 

Here is the detailed instruction for taking the place of your robot vacuum’s battery: 

  1. Replacing an iRobot Roomba battery is typically a basic undertaking that begins with flipping around the robotic vacuum cleaner.
  2. As soon as you have turned your Roomba over, utilize a screwdriver to move the side brush out.
  3. Move out the base cover by making the four screws less tight – as you can see, these screws keep it stay in place.
  4. From that point, move out the old battery and take the place of it with another one. Simply ensure that it is a similar sort of battery and the maker’s logo should face up for simple, recognizable proof on the following replacement.
  5. After impeccably taking the place of the Roomba battery, put the cover back and secure it by tightening the above-mentioned screws.
  6. Call it done after putting the side brush back and ensure the screws are firmly fitted. Also, be sure that the sensors get flush with the base cover. 

As you see, the way toward taking the place of an iRobot Roomba battery is that basic. Try not to pay a professional to accomplish it for you and set aside cash! 

Instructions to charge the battery of your robot vacuum for the 1st time

roomba charged at its dock
Roomba charged at its dock

Do you plan to purchase a new battery for your vacuuming robot? Is it accurate to say that you do not have a good idea of how long is necessary for the iRobot Roomba battery to charge prior to use? Indeed, that is a typical difficulty for those who charge a new battery for the 1st time.

When it comes to first time users, changing it for any device usually takes a more extended time for the device’s battery turns out to be seriously and totally charged. That is normally the suggested practice in order to boost the longevity of your battery.

In such a manner, we incline toward charging our new battery for over half a day. We generally charge our new iRobot Roomba batteries for the duration of a night; that way, there will not be any interruption during the charge. By doing so, we are confident that before sun-up, our Roomba battery will be very much charged and prepared for use.

These batteries ought to be charged long enough in the wake of being purchased since this way works to prolong its lifespan. Bear in mind that the next charging, notwithstanding, will take just about 120 minutes and your battery will get full and fantastic for use. 

Try not to purchase a battery and straightforwardly utilize the gadget without charging for about half a day or not – Please remember that. Something else, the battery will get defective following a brief time of utilization. 

Another thing you honestly should know is, the more frequently you charge the Roomba battery, the more beneficial it will be. Actually, the more the robot vacuum remains on its charger, the more extended time it will last. 

The primary time you do not need to stress over charging your Roomba is the point at which you will be away for quite a long time. That time, you have the choice to change the robotic vacuum to ‘vacation’ mode. 

We trust that this part addresses your inquiry on how long you should change the iRobot Roomba. What is your thought? Do you want to add anything that has not been discussed with respect to the duration of charging these robot vacuum’s batteries?

How can you tell whether your robot vacuum is charging?

You are very much aware that a robot vacuum cleaner draws its capacity from a battery that can play out various vacuuming cycles if appropriately kept up. And the most fantastic approach to guarantee that the Roomba battery is nicely kept up is charging it properly.

However, how would you figure out whether the robot is charging? In this part, we are going to guide you on how to be certain that your battery is being charged.

1. The indicator light

In case the device’s charger demonstrates a strong green light as connected to a power outlet, you realize that the vacuum charging is in progress. Notwithstanding, you should be mindful about exceptions. If you are charging the robotic vacuum cleaner utilizing the machine’s Home Base charger, on occasion, the device charging can happen while the light that indicates that status is off. 

In case you do not know, that light remains off as a way to conserve the power. In that regard, the indicator turns on for merely a couple of moments before it goes off. In general, the light would consume specific energy in case it remains on for a lot of time – that is the reason it turns off in a couple of chargers.

In case you are as yet uncertain whether your iRobot Roomba battery is, without a doubt, charging, you may want to give this other choice a try. Click the ‘Clean’ button of the vacuum cleaner once and see whether the indication of power is either green to represent complete charge or amber to indicate that the device is charging. In the event that you happen to figure that the light of power is red, it means the Roomba battery is completely depleted and should be charged.

2. The iRobot app

Do you need more info? Then, you can likewise count on an iRobot App to figure out whether the device is charging. That app is just accessible in the most recent iRobot lines such as the 900. Utilizing the application, look into the upper right corner in which the battery is situated to affirm the present status of the robot vacuum’s battery. 

The iRobot App informs when Roomba is fully charged - android screen.
The iRobot App informs when Roomba is fully charged.

In the event that it is charging, you will see that a ‘charging’ alert appears underneath the ‘clean’ screen. As soon as it is ultimately charged, the ‘clean’ screen should show ‘ready to clean’. That essentially represents your vacuum cleaner is presently prepared to play out its vacuuming undertakings. 

As you have obviously observed, it is pretty simple to figure whether your robot vacuum’s battery is charging. 

How long does your iRobot Roomba robot work after getting charged? 

A battery from iRobot is comprised of twelve tiny NiMH batteries gathered to frame a more sizable battery. As per the producer, the Roomba battery can be utilized for as long as 120 minutes subsequent to being charged. 

When it comes to the battery, it can be charged to hundreds of times that mean somewhere in the range of two and four years of use. Again, it is essential to note that the time your Roomba will continue working has to do with various things, one of which is the way the device is very much kept up. 

Bear in mind that there have been situations where the gadget’s batteries run low even before the mark of 60 minutes yet not on the grounds that the battery did not get charged. Instead, it is because of inadequate maintenance. Meanwhile, there are situations the battery is capable of going for 240 minutes.

Step-by-step instructions on connecting your robot to a Wi-Fi network

Is it true that you are attempting to connect your robot vacuum to the iRobot application yet it continues showing an error notification? Is it the 1st occasion when you are going over this issue, or is it a lasting one? Below is a short instruction on the most proficient method to deal with that issue: 

1. To begin with, guarantee that where you have put the Roomba vacuum cleaner and the Home Base charger, there is adequate network coverage, and you can get Wi-Fi connection at high speeds. 

2. Does the Wi-Fi signal light of the model become green? In the event that it gets green, adhere to all the guidelines being shown on the application and configure the connection between your phone and your Roomba.

3. In the event that the indicator of the Wi-Fi on the vacuum cleaner does not become green, have a go at rebooting the gadget and the router, close the application, and start configuring the connection once more. Ensure you stick to every one of the steps.

4. If that still does not work, access the Wi-Fi settings of the router and look into its compatibility with the application.

That way ought to help deal with the connection issue. 

iRobot Roomba indicator lights: What are they and what do they mean? 

You see – We have said previously, there are a couple of these vacuum cleaners that get their lights to switch off in less than a moment of being in the mode of charging. That is basically intended to save energy. The robot will charge yet short of any indicator light until you click the ‘clean’ button to switch the vacuuming device on. 

Roomba strong green light indicate a full battery.
Roomba green light indicate a full battery.

The following specifics about indication lights should be critical in deciding the state of your Roomba battery: 

  1. Fast Pulsing Amber – the robot is going through a sixteen-hour refresh & charge mode. 
  2. Pulsing Amber – the Roomba battery is charging. 
  3. Strong Green – the robot vacuum’s battery is ultimately charged and is prepared for use. 
  4. Blazing Red – the machine’s battery is excessively low on power, and a vacuuming cycle fails to begin. The vacuum cleaner should be charged.
  5. Strong Red – the machine’s battery is totally unfilled and should be charged.

The bottom line

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is convenient with regards to home cleaning with a point of disposing of pet hair, dust, dirt, and any sort of trash. This is an extra smart gadget which need not bother with a ton of thoughtfulness regarding making everything right. Simply some maintenance on the device is sufficient to attain satisfactory vacuuming performance.

An essential part of this machine is the battery. The lifespan of its battery has become an issue of worry to endless customers. Notwithstanding, we have given an inside and out analysis to nearly, if not all, all that you should know about the batteries of these robot vacuums. 

After reading through the above guide, do you think we have forgotten about anything? Have you still encountered a few problems with respect to this matter? What are a few of the inquiries you are still wondering? Do you have any extra info that you think should be added here to improve it? Indeed, here is a chance to contact us through the comment section beneath. 

After all, hopefully, you have an excellent time checking the guide. Do not forget to share it with your network so that it can help as many users as it can.