The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Ticwatch Pro 3: How do they compare? These impressive models are indeed among my most loved smart timepieces.

Sad that I cannot utilize Apple Watches because the phone I use is an Android one. I am truly fond of the brand’s Series 6 aside from Series 5. Their construction, compactness, and packing attributes are hardly doubtful.

With that being said, I cannot deny that the Ticwatch Pro 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are entirely proficient product units. 

A quick look at the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 

One of the main things to zero in on is the incredible enhancement this Mobvoi model boasts over the Ticwatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch, the brand’s earlier release. 

1. Be more outstanding compared to other Mobvoi smartwatches

The Ticwatch Pro 3 is more outstanding compared to the orig. Ticwatch Pro smart wearables – as well as any of other smart timepiece models from this brand, indeed.

You may appreciate that it is far quicker and has more extended battery life (let alone, the watch is a great deal more compact). Likewise, the product unit boasts every one of the orig. Ticwatch Pro’s attributes. 

2. The advantageous dual-layer display

That is not all; this item features the dual-layer screen known as an incredible break with tradition from the brand. For your information, under an (LCD) liquid-crystal display, the dual-layer secondary screen puts a full-color screen. If the watch switches on the full-color display, the LCD screen will be transparent; meanwhile, the model will switch on the LCD screen once its mode is always-on. 

In actuality, that truly expands this smartwatch’s battery life. There is no need for it to run a full-power backlight in bright daylight which devours batteries like there is no tomorrow; instead, the watch enables display illumination by leveraging ambient light. 

What is more? The model’s backlight that was missing in the original one allows you to avoid switching on the full-color screen for the date, time, and other fundamentals.

3. Smooth running

What is generally significant about this wrist-based wearable device is, it operates efficiently and without difficulties.

Google’s wearable platform Wear OS gets the blame for its slowness. Where that was valid in Jan last year, time proves all things. You may have seen a ton of enhancement, even on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 platform & 512 megabytes of RAM (for example, the specification on the orig. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro) previously considered as low-end hardware. 

According to my experience, the Ticwatch Pro 3 model is the 1st smart timepiece that would not encounter any issues and deliver a seamless UX. Are you wondering the justification for that smoothness? Since the product unit boasts the Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform cum one gigabyte of RAM, making it the Wear OS smart wrist-worn wearable highest in specifications in the market these days.

A quick look at Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch with Advanced Health Monitoring, Fitness...
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch with Advanced Health Monitoring, Fitness...
ANDROID/iOS COMPATIBLE: Pairs seamlessly with Android devices and select iOS devices

Before we move on to a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Ticwatch Pro 3, should not something be said about this Samsung model? 

You may have a ton to love about the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch. Come on, it is a Samsung timepiece, implying it delivers a truly superior UX for what it is worth. 

1. Uses less artificial materials

In comparison with the Mobvoi product unit, the Samsung watch uses less artificial materials. 

The brand makes its strap out of leather and there is plenty of metal on this gadget’s case when contrasted with the Mobvoi’s plastic-packed construction.

2. UI is considerably more many-colored and amazingly constructed

At the point when you switch on both models, you will appreciate two significantly distinctive UX. As far as I know, Galaxy Watch 3’s UI is considerably more many-colored and amazingly constructed. When it comes to Ticwatch Pro 3, it has consistently centered more around utilitarianism. 

3. Features a practical rotating bezel

Additionally, it is truly useful that the Samsung model comes with a rotating bezel, enabling much simpler navigation over messages & menus as compared to the Mobvoi that even fails to feature a crown. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Ticwatch Pro 3: Who wins?

1. Speaker: Galaxy Watch 3 wins

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Galaxy Watch 3. See on Amazon.

The speaker is an attribute you may truly love about premium smart timepieces. Understandably, it enables you to get back to calls using your wrist watch. 

As strange as it might sound, I have encountered a couple of occurrences when taking my big Samsung Note cell phone out of my pockets was so difficult that it was genuinely satisfying to have the option to answer a phone call on the wrist. Or then again at times, I was skiing with gloves on, there was a nearly zero possibility of using a touchscreen.

It is worth noting that on the one hand, both of these product units feature a speaker; on the other hand, the Samsung unit’s sound quality is superior to the Mobvoi.

That is not all; I had trouble figuring the thing the caller was saying when using the Ticwatch Pro 3. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 3 model was greatly improved as far as its range is concerned. Also, when I needed to increase the volume, the rotating bezel was truly reliable. 

2. Battery life: Ticwatch Pro 3 wins

Ticwatch Pro 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 alike come with a sleep monitoring capability; that is why you may, in some cases, put them on your wrist when sleeping at night. Obviously, utilizing these two product units all day drains the battery somewhat more quickly; as you notice, the pulse sensor would be radiating light for the duration of the night. 

Unlike the Mobvoi, the Galaxy Watch 3 does not feature a dual-layer display. So, you, by and large, will charge it daily, even though the battery is likely not to wear out completely with charging it each 48 hours. 

Regarding the Ticwatch Pro 3 model, you can charge it each 48 hours, albeit it is capable enough to get by in a more extended time. 

3. Software: Ticwatch Pro 3 wins

In this aspect, by and large, Wear OS is more favorable than Samsung’s Tizen operating system. With regards to practicality, I will consistently pick Google’s Wear OS that is simply more fantastic. 

For instance, speaking of applications you have the choice to download off their application stores, feel free to download Google Translate, Google Maps, among others, from the Google Play Store. However, when it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy Store, discovering applications you are truly interested in may be more difficult. Fortunately, the default set-up of applications is in reality awesome. 

4. Voice assistant: Ticwatch Pro 3 wins

Ticwatch Pro 3
Ticwatch Pro 3. See on Amazon.

This is among smart wearable devices’ main attributes and highlights. I know as I have used a few smart timepieces that fail to feature it and simply figured out that it is a lot more monotonous to seek out the next day’s weather and other basic info. 

Please keep in mind that similar to every software, Samsung’s integrated Bixby voice functionality is not on par with Google Assistant. For a closer comparison of the two voice assistants, let me ‘humanize’ them. Google Assistant is vastly improved at languages when compared to Samsung’s Bixby, which hence deciphers what you are saying significantly more smoothly. 

What is more? Wear OS’s incredible speech-to-text capability implies that there will not be humorous transcriptions as you get back to messages. You may have seen Samsung’s Bixby becoming better and better in the course of the most recent year or somewhere in the vicinity; thus, it is good enough. That being said, it is still not comparable to voice assistants from Apple and Google. 

5. Sports & wellbeing monitoring: Galaxy Watch 3 wins

The Mobvoi model genuinely places particular emphasis on wellbeing & fitness monitoring. Not similar to many other smart wearable brands, this brand has committed to building up its own set-up of software; that is why you will enjoy using an application for pulse sensing, sleep monitoring, noise level tracking, work out, stress level monitoring, as well as blood oxygen level tracking.

How about the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch? Its set-up of applications is far simpler. Noise level tracking is not available. Moreover, albeit this model comes with a blood oxygen level sensor, such tracking is not accessible in some countries such as South Africa, Japan, and France.

In terms of sports, you may like that the Mobvoi product unit’s TicExercise integrates seamlessly into the dual-layer display. Data from that application is shown on that display, being exceptionally power-saving. 

Not losing in the game, Samsung boasts a comparative ecosystem, with S Health as the most important point to address. When it comes to Mobvoi, this brand has introduced a Mobvoi application that turns into the focal point of every one of your fitness monitoring information. What makes Samsung’s exercise monitoring mode and Mobvoi’s TicExercise different is, more workout options are available on the Samsung – for example, diverse rec center exercises. 

A comparison table

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3
Look and user interfaceWinner
Battery lifeWinner
Voice assistantWinner
Sports & wellbeing trackingWinner
PriceCheck latest priceCheck latest price
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3

The bottom line

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs TicWatch Pro 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs TicWatch Pro 3

In case I needed to choose between Samsung Galaxy watch 3 vs Ticwatch Pro 3, I would select the former just in light of the fact that I favor putting it on my wrist. The Samsung’s exterior appears more impressive; the same goes for its menus & faces’ construction.

Nonetheless, the Mobvoi product unit should be the winner concerning technical ability. You may become fond of its applications explicit to the Wear OS, dual-layer display, as well as a large number of incredible wellbeing measuring metrics. The model delivers fantastic value for cash, in general. 

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Think about your priorities to decide which is your best fit.