Are you interested in the smart home jobs market? If yes, then this is an ideal article for you. Here we will discover the available positions in this market. Moreover, we will introduce the way to become a demanded smart home specialist.

Firstly, let’s see what is smart home technology.

Smart home technologies are AI systems. They can make everyday home-related decisions on their own. Simply stated, the technology is able to adapt to peoples. It learns their behavior and builds their experience. We discussed this in our articles about Internet of Things and home automation and home robots in modern life: pros and cons.

Now, let’s come to the topic today. What is the smart homes job market trend and what you should learn for a smart home job?

1. An overview of the smart home jobs market

Job market statistics

In fact, technology creates new chances to get a fulfilling occupation.

LinkedIn’s 2017 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report states the top jobs: machine learning engineer, data scientist, and big data engineer. However, here the fact that came as little surprise: not all the tech jobs require technical skills. Soft skills also matter. You can consider working as a sales manager, a customer care specialist and a brand partner.

Available smart home jobs

home automation infographic
An infographic about smart homes.

Smart Home Product Manager

As a product manager, you will:

  • conduct permanent research of the market
  • discover customer needs and expectations
  • assess their impact on the product
  • make appropriate changes and do required corrections.

Moreover, in some smart home companies, you will also manage product portfolios.

A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering or other related field is necessary. Moreover, experience in product management or other related work will be helpful.

Smart Home Solutions Architect

The duties of this position are to provide high-level decisions for home automation. Accordingly, you should possess a unique combination of deep technical and business skills.

An advanced degree in computer science or related discipline is a must. Moreover, you should have some technical experience in software development.

Software Development Engineer

You should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or another equivalent field. In addition, an experience working in an Agile software development environment is preferable.

Software Development Manager

This job’s main duty will be the development of your own product, and a provision of technical direction to the development team.

Specifically, knowledge of professional software engineering practices is required for the job. Also, you should master full software development lifecycle.

Smart Products Cybersecurity Architect

smart house security

In fact, cybersecurity specialists are demanded in every field. But in Smart home products, cybersecurity issues are utmost critical. As the matter of fact, smart home category devices are currently easily hacked. In most cases, the reason is inadequate security code protocols and other protections.

UX Designer

You will conduct market research and create user-centered designs. Especially, you will be responsible for creating UI architectures, interface, and interaction flow of new voice.

This job requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in the design-related field and some working experience.

Smart home master

Your main job will focus on the installation and service of smart home technologies. Indeed, it will be very helpful if you also have technical experience. And for education, even a high school diploma will be enough.

Smart Home Design Expert

For this position, your main task would be to engage customers and increase company’s sales.

It is not hard to guess that selling skills are necessary for this smart home job. Besides, experience in sales can help you more quickly and easily get the job. Also, you must be aware of company’s all products, be able to introduce the technological solutions to your clients.

To conclude, these were the most common jobs in smart home companies. However, there are other positions available, including marketing specialist, market researcher, and business intelligence engineer.

2. Common technologies in the home automation industry

machine learning techniques

AI in home automation

As the matter of fact, home automation has been an important research area for a long time.

According to Heierman and Cook’s book, research groups such as MIT, IBM, Xerox, and Microsoft have been working on this. They were trying out various AI and non-AI techniques to automate home systems.

Machine learning and deep learning

In smart home systems, machine learning and deep learning play important roles. Notably, they help the systems in reasoning and learning. They also benefit in predicting human behavior, providing valuable automation solutions. As noted in “An intelligent domotics” book, existing systems use a reinforcement learning approach to determine what can be the next action.

AI techniques used in smart homes

Other AI techniques that are also used to predict human behavior:

  • Q-Learning,
  • Neural Networks,
  • Multi-Agent Systems,
  • Fuzzy Logic.

3. 10 sources to learn smart technologies

learning online
Learning online now is a popular way to have knowledge.

Now we know what skills you need to get smart home jobs. But don’t forget that smart home jobs market is fast developing. Also, it uses AI techniques, which means that the requirements for this jobs may change from time and to time. At any rate, for being demanded you should periodically read, learn and update your skills.

Below you can see popular online sources, free or paid:

  1. Code Academy
  2. Udacity
  3. FreeCodeCamp
  4. Coursera
  5. edX
  6. Udemy
  7. Microsoft Academy
  8. Google AI
  9. Lynda
  10. Stanford on iTunes U

4. Where to look for smart home jobs?

This depends on the location where you want to work. So, first of all, you should check your country’s job seeking web pages, see what smart home jobs they offer in your place.

Also, try LinkedIn. It is a great, informative place to look for smart home jobs.

Here are places where you can find many smart home jobs.

  1. Indeed
  2. Amazon jobs
  3. ZipRecruiter
  4. AngelList startup jobs
  5. The Hub startup jobs for Nordic countries

Also, it is helpful to seek smart home companies.

First, look into their web-pages for career opportunities. You can send them your CV because they may have some good offering for you. Some of the most developed ones are Alexa Smart Home, Kasa Smart Home, Vivint Smart Home.


In conclusion, we can note that the smart home jobs market is emerging. Notably, for getting a smart home job you need to learn software development, artificial intelligence technologies.

Key Takeaways

In short, these are what we have been through in this article:

  • An overview of smart home jobs market: statistics, available positions
  • Common technologies in the home automation industry: AI, machine learning, deep learning, and other techniques
  • 10 sources to learn smart technologies
  • Where to look for smart home jobs