Remember 2020? It’s hard to forget, isn’t it? It was a year that rattled the world more than any other in living memory, as everything was flipped on its head and familiar aspects of life changed dramatically. One of the most obvious ways that things changed was in the fact that people were unable to go to work and remote working became commonplace. Now, as the vaccine continues to make its way into arms across the world and places begin to slowly open up, remote working is remaining in place for a lot of companies, whereas the others who move back to the office are moving into a more futuristic and technological space. 

office will soon use technology

Keeping Your Business Up to Date with Technology 

Of course, whilst some of the technology mentioned in the below list is exciting, having our workspaces become more technologically advanced is nothing new. This has manifested itself in previous years in the software and equipment that work is done on. If you are going back to the office and are excited about implementing new technology, it is important to make sure you also keep on top of the technology already available to us. The best way to do this is to enlist the help of organizations who can offer managed IT services for your company and keep things running efficiently. 

A Touchless Office with Improved Social Distancing 

Even as covid restrictions are eased, we will be living with its consequences for a long time, and this is going to have an impact on the offices that we work in. Touchless technology will be a huge part of this as places of work try to reduce the number of touches needed on a shared control panel. This will most likely manifest itself in having desks at least 2 meters apart and maybe even a reversal of the hot desking trend; however, it will also most likely involve apps and technology reducing the number of occupants in offices. 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Chances are that workers all over the world now have access to a laptop due to how necessary working remotely became throughout the pandemic. As we share fewer and fewer devices with colleagues, the convention of simply bringing your own and working from that will become much more commonplace. Businesses can be much more efficient if they allow employees to use their own laptops and smartphones as it gives them more freedom around their schedule, specifically whether they want to go to the office or work remotely. 

Cloud Technology Will Only Get More Relevant 

We already use the cloud a lot but as remote working increases in popularity, so too will the clouds relevance. It’s great due to the fact it allows on-demand access to digital resources without the direct and active management of the user. A businesses data will be stored on a server and will then be accessible to any and all employees/colleagues/prospective clients who might need access to it. The simplicity and convenience is too much for this technology not to be whole-heartedly embraced moving forward.