Discord, the rapidly popular VoIP program, has grown considerably to now become available over a variety of platforms, including desktop (Microsoft Windows, macOS, even Linux and on your web browser) and mobile. While of course, the mobile version of Discord changes up the interface considerably due to the need for touch-screen usability, the desktop version of Discord offers the program’s full range of features, including the ability to create servers, integrate third-party bots, and particularly important for us today– a wide range of keyboard shortcuts and bindings that you can use to navigate the program with increased efficiency.

Today we’ll look into the wide array of shortcuts, ranging from basic to much lesser-known ones, that we consider being quite helpful for just about anyone who spends time using the desktop version of Discord. It’s a good idea to get the hang of some of these if you use the application frequently, and especially if you’re a member of a lot of Discord servers or wish to be more efficient when using the app.

The following list is intended for Discord on Microsoft’s Windows, so keep in mind that you may need to look up equivalents for other operating systems like macOS. Luckily, you can still use this list to find actions that seem helpful to you, and using the shortcut CTRL + / (or CMD + /) you’ll be able to see what your system has set for the keyboard shortcuts of particular interest.

The Most Helpful Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Searching your channels, servers, and DMs: CTRL + K
  • Searching for a specific message in a channel: CTRL + F
  • Open the emoji keyboard: CTRL + E
  • Open the GIF keyboard: CTRL + G

Some of these might already be quite obvious if you’re familiar with standard keyboard shortcuts used on most applications, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember them. Still, these shortcuts can make navigating tons of channels or servers become much more manageable, as well as improve efficiency when sending messages. But since everyone can pick these up relatively quickly, let’s look at some more nuanced shortcuts for more specific functions.

Intermediate Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Switching between servers you’ve joined: CTRL + ALT + UP/DOWN
  • Marking current channel as read: ESC
  • Marking entire server as read: SHIFT + ESC
  • Display entire list of members in a channel: CTRL + U
  • Muting/Deafening: CTRL + SHIFT + M / CTRL + SHIFT + D

When it comes to managing notifications and messages, most Discord users will quickly find that they simply don’t have the time to manually scroll through all new messages in all channels as they become members of many different servers. That being said, most people would also agree that– much like a cluttered email inbox– the notifications can add up to annoy users who intend to stay updated on their servers. Feel free to take close attention to remember these if you relate to them, as these shortcuts will help you clear up pesky notifications so that you can stay on top of the servers and channels that matter to you most.

Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Navigate to your oldest unread message in a channel: SHIFT + PAGEUP
  • Toggling between your last server and your DMs: CTRL + ALT + RIGHT
  • Marking a message as unread: ALT + ENTER
  • Creating a private group (not server): CTRL + SHIFT + T
  • Showing pinned messages in a channel: CTRL + P

For highly organized or avid users of Discord, these kinds of shortcuts will certainly help you navigate and manage some of the more niche features or actions that experienced users will find the most benefit from. In particular, most of these shortcuts are beneficial if you are someone that utilizes Discord not only for the servers and channels but also to hold more private calls with only a couple of people, as these shortcuts make it much more efficient to bounce between the DM interface and server interface.

A fun little bonus shortcut is H → H → RIGHT → N → K. While not necessarily made for functionality, it still is fun to recognize the little easter eggs that the developers have hidden among the program. We won’t give away what it does though, so you’ll have to find out by doing it yourself to see!