Losing sight of your child is a worrying prospect, even when they’re right at home with you. In open, public spaces, it only takes a few seconds for a crowd to separate two or more people. This is why more parents and guardians are seeking out kid tracker GPS devices. These trackers are placed on the child and can be monitored from anywhere. Whether you’re at work or on a trip, you can always see where your child is at every point. 

There are different brands available, all with their unique features and functionalities. If you’re looking for the right tracker for your child, this article explores 15 different options. Your final option(s) should carry the features that are specific to your needs.

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Whether you’re at work or on a trip, you can always see where your child is at every point. 

15 Best Kid Tracker GPS Devices

1. AngelSense ($299 + service plan)

AngelSense is a small device that can be slipped into your child’s pocket or backpack. It’s specifically designed for special needs children, but can be used for all. While your child is on the school bus or any other transit route, you can monitor their routes and traffic speed. 

You can also set up alerts to be notified if they don’t come home at the expected time. Another feature is the ability to get a notification if they are in a new location that isn’t recorded on their device. If this happens, you can choose to listen to their environment or speak to them and find out what’s happening. 

2. Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator ($135 + service charge)

This device is small enough to be slipped into your child’s pocket. Measuring at 7cm, they can carry the device around with them with no effort. The GPS device feeds real-time information about your child’s location to you. The information can be accessed using a web browser or phone app. It also allows for geofencing boundaries. This means that you can set up parameters e.g the school compound which should not be crossed. If your child goes beyond the boundary, an alert will be sent to you. 

The best part of this device is its clever use of public records. If your child is within 500 ft of a registered sex offender’s home, an alert will be sent to you immediately. Your child can also hit an SOS button if they ever feel panicked or afraid, and you’ll be alerted immediately. 

3. Verizon GizmoWatch ($179.99)

This smartwatch is designed to look like a regular kids’ watch. It contains a tracker with an inbuilt LTE connection. The device provides two-way calling, so children can call their parents when needed and vice versa. It also provides GPS boundary setting so parents can be alerted if their children deviate from their regular routes. 

The smartwatch promises a long battery life of 4-7 days, so it doesn’t need a frequent charge. It comes in different colors including a Mickey Mouse edition to suit kids’ tastes. 

4. Jiobit ($129 + subscription plan)

Jiobit offers a 256-bit SSL AES encryption that promises advanced security. It’s a very small device that can be secured to your child’s body. You can attach it to shoelaces or drawstrings through its loop. Or you can attach it to belts and straps. The device works to collect data about your child’s location every 10 seconds. 

The device also allows you to add a “Care Team” to its database. These are additional caregivers whose locations will be programmed as safe zones. You can also create a geofence, so your child never leaves a certain parameter without your knowledge. 

5. HereO V2 (£128 + subscription plan)

This watch is specifically designed to look like a cute, basic kids’ watch so others are none the wiser. It works by collecting information about your child’s location and feeding it to an app on your mobile device. On the interface, a map will be displayed with an arrow on your child’s location. 

You can also set up a geofence to ensure that your child does not go beyond a predetermined location. A panic alert feature is also included. You both can agree on a set of simple commands which they can send through the device if they ever need to. 

6. Xplora 2 ($169 + service fee)

This watch device is available in Europe for parents who need GPS tracking on their children. It allows for two administrator accounts, so both parents or two caregivers can monitor the child at once. The watch sends real-time information to both accounts. 

Up to 12 phone numbers can be stored on the device, so your child will always have someone to reach out to if needed. An SOS button is also included on the side of the watch. If your child ever needs to push it, you will be alerted immediately. Best of all, this watch integrates with Amazon Echo and can be used for commands. 

7. Gator Smart Watch ($120 + service fee)

The Gator serves as a watch, smartphone, and a location tracking device. It allows for multi-network plans, so your child always has access to the strongest network signals. If you’re concerned about your child’s location, you can set up geofences. These will alert you once your child crosses a certain geographical area. 

The watches are lightweight, splash-proof, and come in three exciting colors: pink, blue, and black. 

8. Lil Tracker ($89) 

This GPS watch is perfect for the playful kid. It’s an IP67 waterproof rating which allows it to get wet with no damage. It is also protected from dust and sand. It provides real-time location and geofence features as the others. 

The watch also comes with an SOS button that can be linked with up to three phone numbers. When the button is held down for up to three seconds, an alert will be sent to all parties. The watch can be used to listen to your child’s surroundings or exchange voice chats. 

9. Omate x Nanoblock ($149 + service fee)

This watch’s design will get your child excited about wearing it. The customizable watch band is designed by Nanoblock, a Japanese toymaker. The watch offers real-time location days to parents so you always know where your child is at. 

A unique feature is its two-way video and voice calling. You can have a quick video chat with your child if a reason arises. Your child can also send an SOS alarm if need be. 

10. Girafus Guardian Angel (64.99)

This device offers tracking features which are a bit different from the others on this list. It’s purely for geofencing purposes, using your home as the base. You can set three alarm distances with the device. If your child crosses one of these ‘fences’, the device will release an alarm. 

If your child wanders off a lot, or you find yourself constantly warning them off certain areas, this Girafus tool may be perfect for you. 

11. Relay Kids Smartphone ($49.99 + service fee)

This device offers a kid-friendly way to introduce your child to smartphones while keeping track of their location. It provides all their connection needs while taking away the distractions (it has no screen). This device also offers nationwide coverage, so you can still monitor your child on out-of-town trips. 

With the touch of a button, your child can reach out to any member of the family. You can also set up separate chat options if you have more than one child. Its small size and simple design make it easy to carry around in a pocket or backpack. 

12. Weenect Kids’ GPS Child Tracker (€49.99) 

If you live outside the US or Canada, Weenect may be the perfect option for you. It works in over 100 countries. It provides a live map so you can always see your child’s location. You can also set up a safety zone and revived an alert if your child crosses out of the said zone. 

This device promises long battery life, up to give five days between charges. It also offers a panic button and two-way calling for emergencies. 

13. AmbyGear Wizard Smartwatch ($119.95 + service fee)

This GPS watch is a multitasker in several ways. While providing tracking information for parents, it also offers exciting games and learning activities to keep the child busy. 

Best of all, this watch will also let your child track you too. This feature may come in handy at some point in the future. If you’re worried about your child having games on their watch, you can schedule quiet times. This way, you can control how much time they spend engaging with the watch. 

14. DokiWatch ($179)

Beyond GPS tracking, DokiWatch also provides two-way video and audio calling. It comes with an inbuilt camera that makes it easy for parents to see their children any time, anywhere. 

This kid tracker watch also provides an SOS button which sends an automatic message, along with the child’s location and recording of their environment to the parent’s smartphone. Your child can also connect with friends who are also DokiWatch users. The only downside is that you will not be able to monitor their friends list. 

15. Smart B’zT ($25)

This kid tracker device from Smart B’zt is unique because of its discrete design. The patch is simply placed on a clothing item to look like an accessory. It contains a Bluetooth chip that relays location information back to your device. This is a quick, cheap tracking option for any parent. 

This tracker uses Bluetooth not GPS, so the area covered is not so wide. According to the company, it covers 130 feet. For wider areas, you should consider a GPS device. 

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Summary: best 15 kid tracker GPS devices

There are different kid tracking GPS devices available to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a fancy watch or a discrete device, there’s an option for you. Just be sure to pick the best option with all the features you need to keep your kid(s) safe. 

  1. AngelSense
  2. Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator
  3. Verizon GizmoWatch
  4. Jiobit
  5. HereO V2
  6. Xplora 2
  7. Gator Smart Watch
  8. Lil Tracker
  9. Omate x Nanoblock
  10. Girafus Guardian Angel
  11. Relay Kids Smartphone
  12. Weenect Kids’ GPS Child Tracker
  13. AmbyGear Wizard Smartwatch
  14. DokiWatch
  15. Smart B’zT