We simply lose count of how frequently we have heard people complaining about the smartwatch being a misuse of cash. Truth be told, the people who state such a thing basically have not seen exactly what smartwatches can do.

We are pretty sure that there are two kinds of readers of this article: People who consider this type of watch is a misuse of cash, and people that desire to find out about the upsides and downsides of them prior to deciding on getting one. 

Whether you are the first or the second type, feel free to dive into the post. We are almost certain you will gain a stronger comprehension of whether these watches are suitable for your way of life once you reach the finish of the guide.

Smartwatch: A glance at its history

On the one hand, digital watches came into being quite a long time ago and a couple of them boast the capabilities such as calculators; on the other hand, just during the ’10s”, technology firms started producing watches with capabilities similar to cell phone’s.

Significant players such as Samsung and Apple have introduced smartwatch product units to the market, yet a less sizable startup indeed merits credit for promoting the present-day smartwatch. At the point when Pebble released its 1st watch of this type seven years ago, it worked to raise an impressive funding quantity via Kickstarter; also, it proceeded to sell thousands of product units. 

What is more? Simultaneously, progress in silicon scaling-down made the way for other different sorts of smartwatches for specific purposes. 

For instance, Garmin and other firms have supported the Fenix and others that are more strongly made as well as upgraded with the tracking and sensing systems to help boondocks undertakings. Moreover, enterprises such as the Finnish company Suunto Oy delivered smartwatches upgraded for the activity of swimming underwater (making use of scuba gear) that hold out against a more extended time at considerable depth.

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Today’s smartwatch uses

Smartwatch can do more than just weather forecast.
Smartwatch can do more than just weather forecast.

All in all, what smartwatch features which make them an advantageous buy can you have these days? How about we dive into a few key uses of them that may convince you to invest in these items?

1. Aside from telling the time, smartwatches do much more

Numerous people incline toward putting on a watch. The reason for that is: it is useful (essentially informing you about the time); else, this is on the grounds that the product helps pull off your sense of fashion. Decent watches appear incredible on the wrist of the wearer. 

However, watches have not been as favorable as they were before because of the appearance of the cell phone. Do you want and need to purchase them when your phone features an alarm, comes with a calendar, aside from being capable of informing the time? It partly clarifies reduced sales of watches over the most recent couple of years. 

With that being said, amazingly, smartwatches resist this pattern since they provide something somewhat extraordinary. In addition to every one of the essential watch features, these products boast the ability to do things that your cell phone has failed to do. Let us clarify precisely what those features are in the list below.

2. Control your living place

In case you are among those who are completely into incorporating the smart living style into your living space, you would now be able to manage the technology from the wrist. Regardless of whether you have bright home smart indoor regulators, smart locks, surveillance cameras, or smart lights, you just have to download the producers’ application and follow with switching off and on the tech, change settings, set clocks, to name a few.

3. A travel friend directly on your wrist 

What smartwatches can do? It is safe to consider them as someone who has a better idea of your needs than you do.

For instance, the watch from Apple is capable of offering various vibrations to the wrist to advise the user whether they should turn left or right at times that they find directions. A typical instance is, rather than continually taking a gander at a cell phone, you have the choice to refer to a convenient guide with the ability to let you know where you had better go. Your part is simply enjoying the view as opposed to gazing at a map.

4. Request a taxi ride

The good news is that hailing a taxi using a phone is not necessary any longer since you have the option to order a taxi with a couple of the smartwatch’s simple taps. 

Clearly, a ride-hailing application downloaded is what you have to do. In the event that you desire to tell a friend or family member about where you are, some applications come with the convenient Follow My Ride highlight that enables you to share the location and status of your outing on the map. Switching off and off that feature whenever you want is fine. 

5. Smartwatch uses as a safety & security line for the old people

While we are addressing the matter, how about we relate the tracking ability of the device to those with dementia and all that, who are likely to stray and not have the option to recollect the directions to return? Thanks to the tracking module, their caretaker or family members will be able to locate where they are decently fast to stay away from undesirable occurrences. 

That is not all; smartwatches work to serve as a notification for managing the medication. In case you do not know, the reminder module is accessible to help remind the patient of taking what pills, etc. at what time. Plus, it manages to remind them when they should load up on the prescription; in other words, they can sort out when the stockpile will become used up before it really does.

An elderly checks his smartwatch to see medication status

Ultimately, the capability of setting off an emergency alarm directly from a smartwatch that is right on the wrist of the user, rather than a cell phone that is likely too far off during a mishap, will be a decent attribute to have for the older favoring to live all alone. 

6. Locate a gadget, phone, etc. with a more ease

We hear you and we are no different, either: losing a key and whatnot is an incredibly disappointing experience. That generally appears to occur before some significant event that you cannot join later than planned…

Fortunately, smartwatches can help stay away from such a bother. Specifically, what smartwatches can do?

The greater part of them comes with the Find Phone highlight. After connecting any gadget such as the phone with it, you will have the option to ring that thing via the watch at whatever point you want.

Your beloved, valuable phone lost? Simply hit a couple of watch’s handy buttons to find it right away.  

7. Smartwatch fill in as a decent wellness monitor

Numerous smartwatches come with the wellness monitoring feature as the center element. It should be useful for you to stay aware of your wellness objectives. That is why in case you are considering buying a pedometer or a fitness/ wellness monitor, taking the place of it with a decent smartwatch is a better bet.

Smartwatch fill in as a decent wellness monitor
Smartwatch fill in as a decent wellness monitor

This type of watch tends to do a fantastic job of tracking your sleep, pulse rate, heart rate, and calories, and counting steps. Even better, it may be able to calculate other significant measurements you require. 

For your information, while Garmin product units are particularly great wellness/ fitness centered gadgets, just about any smartwatch today delivers fitness monitoring highlights since the innovation is a lot less expensive to make when compared to it used to be. On top of that, there are even units which are totally impervious to water, thus being ideal for swimmers. 

8. Get back to the text and receive phone calls fast

This is one of the popular smartwatch uses, indeed.

In the event that you have this sort of watch on the wrist, you may not have to take your phone out of the pocket. With the device, answering messages or getting calls on the go is a piece of cake. That is particularly helpful in case you are in a situation where bringing a phone is simply excessively off-kilter or you are working out.

Additionally, there comes the voice support in a couple of models. Thanks to that feature, you will be able to converse with your wrist and speak with somebody a great many miles away.

Please bear in mind that such tasks are all carried out on a far more limited size when compared to a cell phone; hence, when it comes to the interface, it may become slightly awkward. In other words, smartwatches will not take the place of your phone for those errands (not soon at any rate) yet rather they are absolutely truly capable at times you utilize them for limited quantities of time while it is outright off-kilter to bring a phone.

9. Be most current about the notifications of your social media

Who would not like to see the notifications of their Facebook accounts and others on their wrist? Here, we indeed and that is continually something we do not turn on. With that being said, for some other people, that is an unquestionably required function.

What smartwatches can do in this regard? A few product units will essentially show your social media activities and messages; meanwhile, some others will enable you to actively interact with the app as well. On the one hand, we do not suggest utilizing that as your essential approach for social media interaction since it is somewhat awkward; on the other hand, it should be great in case you are out running and all that.

Ticwatch Smartwatch is one of the smartwatches that shows notifications of your social media
Ticwatch Smartwatch is one of the smartwatches that shows notifications of your social media

Simply be cautious when you look for a model with the ability to do so appropriately. A ton of makers will guarantee their product units are ‘connected’ thusly; however, they indeed have to gain support from your phone’s Bluetooth signal. For your information, independent smartwatch models ask for a SIM card and data plan; plus, they will in general be on the more costly side. 

Be sure you are cautious when you are in the market for a watch with the ability to do so appropriately. A lot of manufacturers will claim their watches are “connected” in this way but it turns out that they need to feed off a Bluetooth signal from your cell phone. 

Here are some of the most favorites in this light:

10. The smartwatch can make you stay connected for an extended time when compared to your phone

Again, you may be wondering from the absolute first time, for what reason would you have to rely on this type of watch when you as of now have a decent cell phone? 

The point is that a few of these watches come with such ground-breaking batteries that your phone simply fails to come close. This is also when the smartwatch uses shine brilliantly!

Going on a long outing? The Time Steel Smartwatch from Pebble Technology Corp will be able to make you stay connected all through your excursion for as long as ten days on only one full charge. 

As a matter of fact, the model is not even the one with the longest battery life in the market these days! We simply find out it is an extraordinary product unit which just so ends up featuring an amazing battery life. In the event that you are looking for a few other models with a genuinely outstanding battery lifespan, be sure you check out other related posts on our site.

11. It offers a fantastic way of entertainment

Assume that you are strolling and unexpectedly, you wish to view a video on YouTube or something that your buddy continues discussing. Believe it or not, you are only a couple of clicks from watching it on your smartwatch. 

You have the choice to play music, watch recordings, etc. on the go. While it cannot take the place of the phone’s big-screen nature soon, when it comes to such brisk moments, you will agree on how convenient doing so is.

It is worth noting that some recent product units such as Beach Camera Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music GPS Smartwatch from Garmin are great at putting away music on them that would then be able to be played via the Bluetooth headphones totally remotely. That indeed does not fail to make our day when we go out running. 

12. Take wonderful photos

What smartwatches can do in this case? Provided that your cell phone is linked with the watch, this smartwatch very well may be utilized as a wireless shutter for the phone’s camera. In other words, you have the option to leverage the phone for arranging a stunning shot of your beloved ones and you, prior to tapping the watch to snap the photo! 

13. Pay for things

Using smartwatch to pay is quite popular nowadays
Using smartwatch to pay is quite popular nowadays

This happens to everyone at some point: You come to pay at checkout, just to figure out that you forget to bring your wallet or something with you. 

Thanks to Google Pay or Apple Pay stacked onto your watch, you will not get red-faced at such a moment anymore! Everything required to pay for your stuff is the smartwatch’s straightforward tap on the card reader. That likewise implies that you will not need to go out with a wallet loaded with money.

14. Business

As you can see, people these days, in general, utilize phones a great deal, for instance – to set up business meetings or check email inboxes. Keeping a busy schedule is simpler than at any other time. And these watches stand a high possibility for changing the business field. 

smartwatch for business

A couple of the highlights of numerous smartwatch product units incorporate alerts that inform their users that an email or so has been gotten.

Are you convinced of the fantastic smartwatch uses?

In the event that you have read through the information above, we believe you are nearly persuaded now! From our experience, what we can share is, in case you are an aficionado of portability and usability, there is not anything more stunning than this sort of watch to let you stay connected.

Do you have any inquiries or opinions? Do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment in the comment section. We are always more than happy to hit you up speedily!

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