Any Garmin smartwatch owners are reading this post? We are quite optimistic that you can more or less realize why their price is high.

Yet, what if you have not had a model from this brand? Right below are some justifications for its being expensive.

1. Material quality: Top-notch

Garmin wearables’ durability is the talk of the town. The question is, for what specific reason are they fantastic in harsh, outdoor environments?

That is because of the first-rate material used in their build. As such, Garmin units are rather bulkier than timepieces from Apple, Fitbit, etc.

In particular, the brand harnesses fiber-reinforced polymer to make many Garmin wristwatches – for instance, the Fenix and Forerunner lines. This material distinguishes itself by being costly.

Likewise, pure stainless steel coats the bezels. That being the case, your watch will last for a long time without scratches.

And what is more? More often than not, Garmin models’ wrist brands boast pure silicon. Its flexibility is higher compared to others.

Next up, Garmin smartwatches’ glass-based screen protection is worthy of your praise. One point is, it is dustproof and resistant to water. Another point is, compared to the run-of-the-mill screen glass, it is on another level.

We mean, instead of being brittle, glasses used here are tempered, Sapphire ones, and Gorilla Glass DX. Tempered glass is among the top-rated. It is pretty much 100% transparent, shatter, and scratch-resistant.

Gorilla Glass DX is never less comparable, too. Many Garmin screen protectors have used it because it upgrades the screen visibility and durability. Also, the type helps display colors more clearly. Weighed against tempered glasses, Gorilla Glass DX is thin and light.

How about Sapphire Glass? The high transparency and quality make it pricey. You can find it used in the Garmin tactix Delta and Garmin Fenix range.

Garmin tactix Delta, Premium GPS Smartwatch with Specialized Tactical Features, Designed to Meet...
  • A premium design built to military standards (MIL-STD-810)..Control Method:Touch.Special Feature:Bluetooth.
  • Don't be limited by battery life. Get up to 21 days in smartwatch mode.
  • Navigate your world with multi-GNSS support and outdoor sensors.
  • Measure running and cycling performance in ways you didn’t know were possible.
  • Smart features, such as payment, music and notifications when you pair to your smartphone.

And the whole point is, thanks to the solid materials, Garmin models have passed strict MIL-STD-810G tests with ease. So, they are not vulnerable to vibration, temperature, among others. 

2. Accuracy rates: Remarkable

Now on to Garmin smartwatches’ accuracy. It is pretty different from many other brand wearables’ accuracy. 

Garmin wristwear leverages algorithms with high precision and the ability to measure high-intensity workouts. So, a lot of outdoor fans and athletes cannot get enough of them.

Further, you may appreciate their proprietary optical sensor-based measurement of heart rate. In contrast to some other watches, the brand’s models check the heart’s electrical activity and generate heart rate data.

The optical heart rate tracker also estimates blood volume utilizing flashing lights. These light up capillaries in the body, so you can see quite precise results on the Garmin units, even for loaded strength moves. 

Not only that, advanced sleep-tracking functions in many smartwatches from the brand will check sleep patterns without error. 

3. Fitness activities: Tracked in detail

Who would not like to check out the particular statistics of their everyday fitness activities? And the good news is, be it month-to-month, week-after-week, or day-to-day stats, you can see them directly on the Garmin Connect application.

It allows for super-specific insights, indeed. Thanks to various visualizations, percentages, and points. you will grasp your fitness stage.

To be more specific, this application includes a lot of extra and high-end tools. The My Day tab is one of them. The attribute displays the details for as far back as one day. Even better, ‘Edit My Day’ will enable you to tweak the metrics completely.

More than that, with Garmin Connect, data curated from steps, heart rate, cycling, running, golf, and sleep get classified. Hence, it is workable to fine-tune the sort of data by choosing a day.

Better yet, the app is terrific for those who are an athlete and desire to have a more thorough understanding of your particular activity. We mean you can sync it with another fitness app. For example, Runsafe+, MyFitnessPal, to name a few.

Other than this, weather updates, consumed calories, steps, heart rate, and sleep data are accessible on your Garmin wearable.

4. Navigation system: Super fast and precise

First off, the quality GPS is accessible in Garmin models at the lower price range – say Forerunner 35, Forerunner 45, and Vivoactive 3. For those who are not in the know, several other smart timepieces whose cost is the same fail to deliver such decent GPS attributes.

But that is not all; in a few premium models from Garmin – say the Fenix line, Garmin tactix Delta, and Garmin Instinct, colorful maps and TOPO maps are available. Forerunner members have access to them as well. These can reach intense maps and check the name of streets, shops, etc.

That aside, there is a great deal of extra stuff identified with GPS. These include Live tracking, Checkpoint attribute, Round trip, Trackback attribute, and then some. 

It is also worth mentioning that apart from GPS, some Garmin watches utilize GNSS. It is short for Global Navigation Satellite System.

With that system, the device will get the signals from various navigation satellites. In the end, you will access the most precise data in a breeze. Your watch will work fine as usual even in case you are left middle of nowhere. What’s more, you can check your courses, position, and speed accurately.

Generally speaking, we are confident few smartwatches have brought such a load of insane attributes to the table. While we agree that GPS tracking from Fitbit, Samsung, and other models is noteworthy, Garmin’s one may hit different to you.

5. Apps: Various and handy

For the most part, you have seen a couple of Garmin applications such as Garmin Coach, Pay, and Connect. Still, there is more to get if you buy a premium Garmin smartwatch. They include  STR3AMUP, Varia, Tacx Training, Garmin Clipboard, Garmin Golf, STRIKER Cast, Garmin Explore, Garmin Drive, Smartphone Link, Garmin PowerSwitch, Garmin Jr., Navionics Boating, and more.

Let’s take Garmin Jr. as an example. It keeps track of your child’s physical growth, active times, and steps. Another instance is Navionics Boating. It will assist you with monitoring each of your water-based activities like diving, sailing, and fishing.

Finally, the whole point is, this load of things is free. Buying a subscription like Fitbit is not necessary. That should justify extra costs in Garmin product units.

6. Reliability: On another level

You may also like how long Garmin smartwatches’ battery lasts, along with the product warranty. For that reason, these models are far more reliable than some other brands.

Generally, the warranty is a year. Yet, if you get a top-of-the-line unit, you may get a longer product warranty. Meanwhile, Fitbit’s warranty is only 90 days. For Samsung, Apple, and other wristwear devices, they offer a half year of warranty time. 

Talking about the battery duration, Garmin’s ones are long enough. More often than not, the models last one to two weeks. In case you set the brand’s watch’s battery side by side with several other brands, you will realize the critical gaps. 

garmin fenix 6 pro
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. See on Amazon.

Plus, it is worth addressing that when the GPS modes are on, Garmin timepieces are longer-lasting than many other units. As for Fenix 6, its Solar’s gaming-changing innovation should make your wear operative for more than four months.

Garmin fenix 6, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, Heat and Altitude Adjusted V02 Max, Pulse Ox Sensors...
  • Rugged, sophisticated design features an always-on 1.3 inches (18% larger than previous fēnix models) sunlight-readable display with stainless steel bezel and buttons
  • Enhanced estimated wrist heart rate and Pulse Ox to support advanced sleep monitoring and altitude acclimation at high elevations (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition)
  • Performance data at your fingertips includes training load balance, training status, and running and cycling dynamics
  • Navigate the outdoors with built-in sensors for 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, supports multiple global navigation satellite system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone
  • Connected features include smart notifications (when paired with a compatible smartphone) and Garmin Pay contactless payments (not all countries and payment networks are eligible)

7. Best for sport lovers

For what reason is Garmin wear most amazing for sports? It has to do with their clear stats shown, accurate results delivered, and instructions to improving your performance. Whether you opt for a Fenix 6 or any other wear from Garmin, you will never regret your choice. 

We always recommend a wearable from this brand to any sport enthusiasts. When it comes to sports stuff, Forerunner and Vivoactive lines are remarkable. The reason is, you will enjoy a ton of sports monitoring attributes and highlights in them. 

If those units are not within your budget, do not worry! Fenix 6 is enough of a bad boy.

8. They are not perfect but…

Every coin has two sides, and Garmin is not an exception. In a couple of attributes and functions, the brand’s wear is not on par with its competitors. For example, in a few Garmin models, GPS is less incredible than Polar product units‘.

Likewise, few lower-priced Garmin units need significant fitness monitoring attributes. In comparison, Fitbit brings those attributes to the table at a comparable cost.

Still, at the end of the day, we are sure that Garmin premium watches are almost unbeatable. The fact of the matter is, you get the superior attributes and highlights all in one model. And again, Garmin seems to have no rival as far as outdoor sports gadgets go.

In summary

Garmin watches are expensive because of their superb features:

  • Durability;
  • Insane battery duration;
  • Fast and precise GPS;
  • Super accurate sensors;
  • ABC sensors;
  • Built-in wrist base heart rate;
  • Full of practical apps;
  • Compatibility with various apps.